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  1. That resigned blank look on his face, like "yep, fucked up again, I'll just put this away..."

  2. Poverty remains rampant in South Korea today. Also, your miracle is measured by GDP/GNI, neither of which take income inequality into account. Thus you are at the typical capitalist problem: the rich are a lot richer, but the poor see little if any of that wealth.

  3. Why you gotta go making graphical changes to the comic like that?

  4. … a joke mocking Japanophiliacs and their antics.

  5. Even then, they make a point to say that the rock is getting hotter when it moves, so it’s not that it’s actually breaking the laws of thermodynamics, it just has some kind of (reactionless?) drive they don’t understand.

  6. Odd, I remember it the opposite way: the rock didn't get hotter, which would have been necessary.

  7. Awesome, thanks for tracking that down. I was definitely misremembering.

  8. Hmmm… the first and second legs of the tripod (or quadpod) came right off. I wonder what will happen if I hold them at the exact same spot and perform the exact same action?

  9. Maybe I should put my whole arm in the hole and gra— and it’s wrapped itself around my face.

  10. Bethesda’s environmental storytelling is top tier I feel like most of the criticism is directed towards their dialogue and character writing which (in my opinion) falls flat a lot.

  11. I would say that with the exception of FO76 post-launch updates like Wastelanders and Steel Dawn/Reign, Bethesda's dialogue and character writing are almost always top notch.

  12. While I think you have a fair argument regarding the various cash grabs that companies engage in, like with loot boxes, etc., not everything that you list should be lumped fully into that.

  13. While I think it's pretty clear that there is a difference between capitalism and imperialism (although there's a strong relationship between the two), I think it's also overwhelmingly true that Japan was very capitalistic well before WW2 -- Japan industrialized and capitalized during the Meiji period in the mid-19th century, complete with a labor movement at the turn of the 20th.

  14. Which describes an ideology. An ANTI-fascist ideology. Pretty simple stuff.

  15. Generally, people who call antifa fascist know that fascists tend to pretend to be anti-fascist in order to trick the gullible into joining up then forcing them into a life of crime. That’s why the nazi party called themselves “national socialists”.

  16. It sure seems like you’re trying to call anarchistic antifa “authoritarian”

  17. u/tom_bishop has already laid out the decisive arguments among Alexander historians, but I would like to attempt another approach. Looking at the pragmatic and strategic considerations of Alexander's eastward expansion, I am mostly going to rely on Sabine Müller's 2019 work Alexander der Große as well as her earlier works on the history of the Argead house, as Macedonian history is also my personal field of study.

  18. Well, that was an illuminating read. And you say your main source is Alexander der Große? Are there english translations of this book available? I’ve been searching, but haven’t been able to find any.

  19. Sadly, there don't seem to be any. German works rarely get translated unless they are absolutely groundbreaking.

  20. There is mod called Journey which I use as a good compromise. It lets you travel using your supply lines on Survival. So you have to work to get a good network and you get more of a feeling of establishing forward bases and slowing pushing out into the wasteland.

  21. While I haven't used Journey, I'd like to point out that there are other options for lore-friendly fast travel, like

  22. The entire series has amazingly witty prose. Adams remains one of my favorite of all time authors. And is my flair, lol

  23. she is an awful person today, look her up. she is basically trying to make a come back riding brendan’s coattails, it’s blatantly obvious

  24. I wouldn’t call her an awful person, but she does seem to need psychological help that she isn’t getting; her relationship with her son is unhealthy in a lot of ways.

  25. Can you own a pencil? Can you own your own labor?

  26. The former is not relevant to capitalism vs e.g. socialism. The latter is, of course, not true under capitalism and only approaches true under socialism.

  27. How is it not relevant? If you can establish private ownership of materials, you can establish private ownership of land.

  28. If you drop a few, the message is profound.

  29. The winner is the pool scene not this one though.

  30. Yeah, NaTM will always win the slow clap crown.

  31. Bad analogy in a number of ways... Dog doesn't need the old 21 dog treats at the end of the week anymore, probably can't even eat them all. This was certainly not a "best of" analogy.

  32. Well, that was an example of back orders, though. The dog only needs 3 a day, but the orders from previous days were made and presumably paid for.

  33. That finally came locally in my neck of the woods last week; saw it Friday night.

  34. Well, let me ask you: do you find denouncing critical race theory to be racist, or just "having an opinion"? Maybe you think it's "a good white person doing what's right"?

  35. Honest question. Is that racist to you? Most people would think so, and Jenner did that. So…?

  36. The creator has explicitly mentioned Silent Running as a major inspiration.

  37. When I saw this picture and title, my first thought was “Alaska has all this space, why the fuck are they building townhouses/duplexes??!?”

  38. And Mercury is more than twice the mass of Ganymede or Titan despite having a smaller radius

  39. Meaning it’s got a lot of heavy metals in

  40. Everyone mocking Biden for falling over, and that’s fine, I’m down with that, but nobody is gonna call Rutte out for shaking hands with people when he’s got sticky apple juice all over them?

  41. It’s even better if you don’t engage in shitty behavior for your laughs.

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