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  1. Unfortunately, that one can't be real anymore, because they identified the guy who did it, and it's just some dude.

  2. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bay_of_Pigs_Invasion

  3. the difference is that that one actually had a chance of success, by the 60's taiwan ever reclaiming the mainland alone was an impossible dream, but the bay of pigs could have definitely worked.

  4. All the confusion about what YFM is and who RWJ is is making me feel old. I swear it wasn’t that long ago he had the most subs on YouTube with =3

  5. Oh really? the lead singer has his own channel where he talks about stuff, and I watched it for a while without knowing about YFM, and I remember one time he was talking about how back in the day he was famous, and I was like "yeah, sure you were, dude" but I guess he really was

  6. YFM is a band that stopped 10 years ago, this guy predicted they'd make a return, and a few months ago they did

  7. 13 minutes ago, but i have a discord bot programmed to @ me the second it goes up which helps

  8. The kid hanging from the tree, Opaque Green Rectangle, is an enby

  9. why are you getting downvoted lmao you're right (I'm American most people dont even know where every state is)

  10. states are different though, I can name almost every country with the exception of central America and north Africa but like half the states, because I just do not care about most of the country, it's all rectangles with like six people each.

  11. There’s a historical war board game that simulates WW2 and infamously Italian soldiers use more water supplies to simulate the need to boil water for pasta.

  12. Not ww2, that would be too much fun. It simulates one front in africa

  13. in Britain the prime minister isn't elected, they're appointed by the party, which is a big reason why this kind of crap can happen. People just vote on how many seats the partys get, not who fills them

  14. Just for fun, honestly I forget he's a vampire sometimes because having vampire powers has very little affect on the plot after part 1

  15. Every character past part 3 (and basically everyone in parts 1-2) is a reference to something, basically no exceptions, so there is a lot of stuff just from the sheer number of characters

  16. because he wanted to have a direct border with Germany and the other western powers to aid them in their revolutions, they weren't ever going to be incorporated into the USSR

  17. One needs not actual proof; given the age of the Bible and the nature of humanity, one must surmise it has been done. Verification is difficult and unnecessary.

  18. you just know there was some monk in like 833 who wrote all kinds of bible smut, but it was destroyed after his death and no record remains of it

  19. They should seriously just make player led peace conferences a default option. I don't care about world conquest. I just want to make pretty borders and LARP

  20. they really should, no peace deal rework will ever beat just not having to deal with it

  21. Hetalia is weird. Because I've seen the characters, I've seen screenshots, I've even encountered the odd fanfic

  22. it's literally just "chaos happens, national stereotypes are made fun of in a way that feels not particularly offensive but still weird and dated, occasional anime trope, downplaying fascism as emo quirky bad boys, more chaos"

  23. Tough call. Original has more environmental diversity, takes you deeper, and has more of a sense of isolation, but also a lower framerate and lots of pop-in issues.

  24. That's the first i've heard of that, what were you playing on? For me the first game ran pretty much perfectly, but the second one I had to set everything to minimum just to get it to run, and it never made it over 20fps.

  25. Just gotta solicit in the right place, I just received my 100th dick pic, which, while not a thing I wanted, is something I guess

  26. Tumblr banned "adult content" starting December 17th, 2018. Tumblr's current TOS defines adult content as, "Photos, videos, or GIFs that show real-life (or photorealistic) human genitals and any content—including photos, videos, GIFs, and illustrations—that depicts sex acts." This is a screenshot of their policy prior to the ban.

  27. It's been unbanned as of one hour ago, you were a day too late on this repost

  28. /unchicanery (idk if this is necessary I turned on my phone and this post was open im assuming its okbuddychicanery) this dialogue exchange alone validates el caminos existence in my eyes. People can call the movie unnecessary or whatever but this one conversation between Jesse and Walt adds so much to them in my eyes.

  29. you're actually in thomastheplankengine, but it's cool regardless

  30. Neither TWR, (Thousand Week Reich) although it's just a Nazi Victory, not a full on axis victory

  31. Yeah, so it's not relevant, because we're talking about Axis Victories. Personally I don't see too much of a point to just german victories, because that's already impossible, so why not go all the way and let Asia also get interesting content?

  32. not a single bad choice, really cheap, insane combat width, I think this is the new meta

  33. Really, just the peace rework, I barely play the base game anymore so the focus trees don't matter, but the peace deals suck so bad rn so that will definitely help

  34. Humor is to the MCU what the NWO were to WCW, too much of a good thing that blow up it their faces.

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