1. Do you have reliable source on this? I’ve heard this but I don’t believe it’s true. Alcohol brands have their own distilleries

  2. Here’s an article from the WSJ back in 2008 about Costco buying a batch of Maccallan Scotch.

  3. No, not me. Evan Stanford is the creator. I just think it’s a cool project!

  4. How do you know what shape it has to be to create a specific pattern?

  5. He goes into that about 2 mins into the full video that’s linked in the post body

  6. Malcolm Smith! Legendary rider and a classic film

  7. Thanks for that - I forgot we’re in 2024 now :-(

  8. I think it’s about 12 laps, but if the tide comes in then it’s less lol

  9. https://www.reddit.com/r/oddlysatisfying/comments/e11605/riding_perfectly_sculpted_dirt_jumps/f8kvgii/

  10. I ride and race mountain bikes with all my AWs going back to S0. The Ultra is great with the big display and better GPS. It’s also seen some not-small crashes and come through unscathed. If you zoom in you’ll see that it’s covered with dirt from crashing about 70 ft up the trail lol

  11. Thanks for that. They have some cool gear and aerogel should make them really, really light for how well they insulate.

  12. Why not give the original Youtuber credit

  13. I did. I posted a link to the full video - it was the first comment right after posting.

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