1. Getting smashed between two doesn’t look fun

  2. Is this shit going down in Arkansas or Australia?

  3. Can you share more Pics I want that lift!

  4. Sure thing. I don’t have a whole lot right now but here’s a couple.

  5. :-) nope. You can hear me talking to myself at about 1:03 and 1:15 lol

  6. The weekend was sooo good! I went to Galbraith Friday and Sunday because the weather.

  7. This is The Legend at Tiger Mountain. It’s lower on the mountain and tends to stay snow-free through most of the winter.

  8. Is that a little Sturgil reference I'm picking up on there?

  9. Looks shopped tbh. There's a cut when it gets to that point.

  10. Hmm there's a lot to this camera... It's blind to its helmet-stick mount, and it's super stable what with all the head turns from the wing suit guy. I wonder how much of that is in-camera vs post processing.

  11. Fpv rc racing would be awesome

  12. I think you’d need some pretty impressive real-time stabilization of the FPV view. Those little cars bounce around like mad.

  13. where is this track? I might go and see it in person

  14. I believe it’s C-netic RC Track in Surabaya, Indonesia

  15. Bro there's so many Indian sweet stores near me and I never know what to get or ask for. They're not very first timer friendly, I don't want to be googling what the menu is.

  16. Full disclosure: I do not know what each one is called. I was recently in India and these were gifted to me. The box says that there are Laddu, Khoya, Ghee, Kaju, Badam Sweets and Bengali Sweets in there. I tried them all and most are very good, if a little obscure in their flavor profile.

  17. Just a week or so ago in Florida. Swampfest BMX event

  18. The flop by the first guy though lol. He considered not getting up

  19. I think red doo rag guy thought he was dead for a minute

  20. Those are some spectacular shots from the summit!

  21. Coalescence cascade: When droplets of water contact the surface of water, it gradually bounces up and down until it is absorbed. Underneath the droplet is a very thin layer of air, which allows it to sit temporarily above the surface. The air layer takes time to be pushed aside by the droplets weight. As the air moves from under the droplet, the surface of water pinches the drop for a split second absorbing it. However it happens so fast that the connection is cut off between them and so a smaller droplet which hasn’t been absorbed bounces up.

  22. Because if you got ten grand to spend on scotch, you sure as hell ain't the type to pay taxes.

  23. Also seems like it would be an impulse buy because who actually goes shopping in an airport

  24. Lawd I hope you see this comment! Is the Xtray mounted onto the stock swing-across crossbars, or did you have to swap to something else? Would love to see the mounting situation from the front if you’ve got a pic! Thanks!

  25. Yep, mounted on the stock crossbars. I ended up getting some 1/2” thick rubber pieces from Home Depot to put under the mounting points to raise it up just a tad and provide a little dampening for the normal rack-rattle you get on dirt roads. I just sold the OB and moved to a Bronco Sport but I’ll see if I have a front pic for you.

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