I’m a single mom in law school on a tight budget. One of my new friends just stocked my pantry, freezer, and fridge. I’ve NEVER had this much food available. Hopefully someday I can pay it forward, but for now I can’t stop smiling at how lucky I am. Forever grateful for this amazing gift. ❤️

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  1. Do you guys even know what client-side means? Everything you see in the game is client-sided.

  2. my understanding of client-side is "being shown on a player-to-player basis instead of existing in the server itself"

  3. Have you tried launching the game? (Not being a smartass) my game was all loaded up and I was able to play but it didn't give me the ghost bundle. So when I went to the store to see if it was an add on DL, it said I had to buy the vault addition again. So I just closed out mw2 and reloaded and everything seems fine so far

  4. Dang. I'm sorry, maybe log out/close out battle.net and then login and see if that works.

  5. Update : I'm fuckin stupid! I purchased and played the beta through Steam, not

  6. On top of how incredible of a gesture this already is, the extra thought to get such a wide variety of convenient foods with desserts like ice cream is heartwarming

  7. Yeah you kinda just choked everything and played it wrong

  8. Ok, I will reiterate, yet again : Ignore the Reaper. I know I choked there. My point is, what did they do his ult damage? That Lucio, who wasn't even in healing mode, was as close to the center ring of Meteor Strike as possible, took only **half** his health in damage, then proceeds to tank a rocket punch. Is that not ridiculous to you?

  9. I don’t know how anyone managed to misconstrue it this way, but, the Reaper is not the point here.

  10. Exactly. Also the fact they removed most of the game’s CC. No shield bash, no freeze (without Blizzard), no flashbang. Only CC Supports have is Sleep Dart. If you can’t land those consistently, you’re fucked, and good luck trying to escape a 25% speed boost Genji or Reaper unless you’re Kiriko (and have teammates nearby) or Lucio. Even then, boosted wraith form, or genji’s dash, can still close the gap.

  11. I’m not feelin it so far. Even though it’s only two less players, the game feels way more empty. DPS heroes with their new passive seem completely dominant, so it feels impossible to defend yourself as a casual when playing Support, and the absence of both a tank and like 90% of the game’s CC only compounds it.

  12. This kinda shit used to only trend on iFunny. Even on somewhere like 4chan, shit didn’t seem this low, or blatant. They somehow found an audience with an even lower attention span and less critical thinking skills than middle schoolers.

  13. Because the bullets didn’t come from the enemy sniper, they came from the bottom right direction from another enemy.

  14. Prob should have clarified, I know how I died, I’m wondering how the guy I hit in the head with a Kar98k across one of the smallest maps in the game didn’t

  15. The concept of a game-mode where other players have the ability to set you back is inherently frustrating, to me at least. In Crucible, the teams are racing for a score, but there’s nothing you can do to directly impact the enemies’, besides being better and scoring faster. In Gambit, you can stop people from banking motes, and drain the points they already have, which compounds the stress of fighting stronger-than-average combatants. It’s not bad design per se, but it’s not surprising that most people would rather not play it.

  16. After seeing this I managed to get to the SinA/Sin(60)=sqrt3/2, but where does the 20 come from? Is that multiplying side a by SinA? If so, why?

  17. Ugh, thank you so much. I don't know why it took so long for basic trig functions to click in my head. Brains fried to hell today I guess lmao

  18. (I was firing to uncloak and completely forgot I was holding a GL)

  19. What role? I have a triple tap frenzy that I’ve been enjoying with hoarfrost titan

  20. this one is still being leveled so it’s just the basic perks available on a crafted

  21. The grapple points piss me off the most. You can be making direct physical contact with a ledge and more than half of your body above it and all you can do is stare at it as you die

  22. I think the real question is wtf are you doing up there?

  23. It’s my preferred anti-invader spot since it gives me a good vantage point and the high-angle makes it (usually) impossible for an invader on the ground to hit me past my rally shield

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