1. Not related but did you happen to have the high resolution schematic for your 15/min HMF factory(Satisfatory)? The one I downloaded from your older post is blurry.

  2. I mean you could have commented on that post and Id still have gotten a notification for it. the trick is to click the image on the post so you get a new tab with the proper resolution.

  3. same. apparently everyone is complaining about bugs. but it has been working well for me even tho Im playing heavily modded.

  4. throughput issues. use better busses (if you have the necessary mods for it) or put in some metro/tram/train/monorails in which all should have some overlap with each other to increase the throughput. also dont forget some walkways and bike roads so that cims can get to where they want on foot.

  5. The solution is to remove the need for cars as best as possible

  6. check the coal nodes nearby. one is partially covered by more terrain brush mistakes.

  7. Religion and science do tend to have issues in real life to be fair

  8. Unless your religion revolves arround achieving godhood through science

  9. Tbh most of the the Mechanicus don't invent at all, since they see it as extremely dangerous and borderline heretical. Instead they want to preserve and hoard all the technology that is there and augment themselves to be more Machine so they can be closer to the OMNISSIAH. And I think there is an anecdote about a Techpriest getting some bipedal walker up and running but he died in the process and the Standard Construction Template (STC) was almost lost, so the knowledge on starting the walkers up is lost forever. And because they're afraid of losing the STC, they don't shut down the walkers. Instead they just kinda leash them and let them run in circles.

  10. cool. but Im not talking about the mechanicus as my knowledge about 40K is extremely limited. I was talking about more general themes.

  11. yes. as far as I know after that situation concludes the interdimensional portal will open on one of your worlds depending on the outcome.

  12. No, this situation is independent of the dimensional portal. This one is researchers from another dimension trying to see what your people are like, they are not a mirror version of your empire. This one just ends with them leaving a note thanking you for being their research subjects.

  13. weird because immediatly after that one I got the dimensional portal on a world that was already fully developed.

  14. Don't they also do less health damage as well? Or am I misremembering?

  15. nope base damage is the same as gene warriors

  16. or species traits. I can recruit both right now so I have the side by side comparison in-game.

  17. So there I was, trying the new DLC features of Overlord and managing to secure an early victory against a neighbouring empire to subjugate him into being my vassal.

  18. could have just bought it for 10 monthly energy from the merchant enclaves

  19. No contacts with merchant enclaves yet unfortunately…

  20. both systems are right next to each other and have gateways in them. that basically means the relay is useless because fleets will always use the gateway..... at least that is the only pattern I could think of while it happened in my game.

  21. It's only a 10% boost to Spiritualist attraction, hardly noticeable. While -10% empire size from pops is also small, it is definitely worthwhile. Plus you will then be eligible for the Zro harvesting tech , and that stuff is a cash cow both when traded to other empires or on the market.

  22. can later also be used to create new researcher jobs on planets through a planetary edict unlocked through the galactic community

  23. Technically, but they're basically no better than a regular researcher but with massively higher upkeep. There's really no reason to use this decision.

  24. on my last run it was ~50 physics research that they produce

  25. ahhhh yes sightseeing at the great craters of atomic bombs and swimming in radioactive pools of fluid that may or may not contain strange organic materials.

  26. genetic ascension doesnt need robots. you can enhance your pop growth with cloning vats and get access to some superb traits..... its even possible to get psionic and cyborg traits later with genetic ascension.

  27. several interpretations depending on playstyle.

  28. give them resources and hope they dont frick themselves over by stopping population growth WAAAAY too late and having eternally 50 unemployed pops on each of their planets.

  29. wait until you see my psionic cyborgs with enhanced genes.

  30. I love it, I've actually won quite a few battles I would have lost, specifically because of the ai sending their fleets to follow mine and giving me the extra boost I needed

  31. UNTIL you just tell your fleet to guard a specific choke point while your actual main fleet is attacking from the other side and your AI buddy thinks its cool to just chill with the guarding fleet and not use their armies to conquer planets because they too just enjoy a joint together with the guarding fleet.

  32. revamping factions system would be great.

  33. 250 million for a single pop? That feels excessive for colonising

  34. I just based that number on the starting pops under planetary unification

  35. A colony ship carries 250k people that converts to 1 pop once you colonize.

  36. what kinda mass extinction event occured on earth then?

  37. politics became alot more interesting actually.

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