NSFW: A new ADHD low

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UPDATE: I am going to rehab.

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  1. How was the first couple of weeks? I can get 7 days under my belt and I slip and fall again..

  2. It sounds really cheesy and at the time i felt silly, but I had to surrender to that, and stop putting myself in a different category from everyone else, I got out a whiteboard marker and wrote 'one day at a time' on my mirror . It's still there and that's how I try to take it, each day I continue to make the decision to lean into growth, and not go back to old coping mechanisms... And honestly by doing that all of a sudden your passing milestones you never thought possible ! I believe in you ! We're all here to support you, this is the safest most honest and supportive place on the internet !

  3. Got two Kune kune pigs , little me really wanted friendly little pigs , now big me has them

  4. This made me laugh out loud for ages, thanks for that

  5. I asked for a referral for adhd, as i wanted to go back to study in the near future ... The GP told me i should just not have such dreams, and my current line of work should just be fine ......um thanks, fuck my dream of becoming a therapist (which we desperately need more of) ... He also said i didn't have low iron..... When my results clearly stated i did in fact have low iron.... Needless to say i won't be going back to him ...

  6. R/stopdrinking is an excellent sub, if any one here needs a hand with stopping, it helped me turn my life around , from 2 bottles of wine a night to nearly 2 years sober from alcohol.

  7. Period undies are the best thing that's ever happened to me , i used to really struggle, and wonder how other uterused humans made it look so easy ! I used to get so freaked out about toxic shock syndrome from tampons, and would feel guilty as hell about using pads, period undies are a massive win for me!

  8. May I ask what breed of rooster he is ? We have inherited one who looks very similar to your handsome fella ! We have been wondering what his breed is as he is so docile and friendly !

  9. Alcohol. I'm a functioning alcoholic. Help me please

  10. The stop drinking sub reddit saved my life ! Check it out it's the most beautiful community! Good luck !

  11. Good luck, we are all rooting for ya! IWNDWYT! Xx

  12. One day at a time mate! Well done! IWNDWYT xx

  13. Congratulations!!!! What am inspiration! Xxxxx

  14. You're are so bless! I freaking love this! Chur bro!

  15. Whatever works! There's some research out there and the usual recommendation is to do it in conjuction with a therapist. Some really smart people trying to get approval for these types of treatments.

  16. In conjunction with a therapist would be ideal , I couldn't afford a therapist at the time, but know I would have benefitted from having one in those early stages, I don't know if it was the microdosing or my memory coming back from giving up drinking , but I did have to confront some repressed stuff I had apparently pushed very very deep down ! So yeah If you can do it with the help of a trained therapist i would totally recommend people did !

  17. Hey, I’m curious what your dosage and regiment is? I’ve seen a lot of different recommendations.

  18. I personally started with 0.15 mg, 4 days on 3 days off , this was however with a species of mushrooms that are known to be quite potent called subaeruginosa, so it will depend on the mushroom variety a much less strong mushroom like cubensis you may need a little more, but we are all different as well , I would always recommend starting on days you have at home, relaxed so you can get a sense of it , as someone mentioned if you can feel it or are getting trails in your vision , that's too high a dose and the next day you should take it down. This might seem a bit hippy dippy , but setting an intention with the microdosing seems to be important, for me that was giving up booze, and honestly I feel it held my hand the whole way through the hardest parts. I haven't actually been dosing for the last few months because I now feel I have the tools to do it without , however if I ever start to feel the old monster creeping back I won't hesitate to start dosing again. I recommend anyone doing their own research as well, psylocibin is a pretty harmless compound in these tiny doses, but if you are on other psychiatric medication I would be careful as with anything, I would love to see this better researched and more widely available as I am aware my own anecdotal evidence is not a lot for people to go by. Sorry that's quite a long rant, good luck xx

  19. Far out are you me ? Good luck ! We can do it ☺️ IWNDWYT!

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