1. You should be able to remove it and replace . You'll need to know the size of it. And look up IBC tank fittings for a replacement/parts.

  2. I figured as much regarding removing it, moreso looking for advice on how to do that exactly. There is no way to easily grip it and it doesn't budge at all when attempting to twist it.

  3. I did it to level 15 or 17 and that in and of itself was tiresome. The time sink needed to get the required resources makes me think this is not doable for 31. One of the resources, I think it was water, does not have a way to gather it other than on map, a few resources from a daily shop, or in your city. I had ran out before I reached level 15 and that was with a lot of stockpiling in preparation for it.

  4. Try running the game in epic, change render to directx11 In the settings, i had trouble with dx12, and neither game opened, so I setted the dx11 launch option, then changed the settings to dx11 that fixed launching the game for me.

  5. Is that different from the code change i did directly in the epic settings for the game?

  6. I don't think so at all. The resource grind would be much too intense and take too long for the time limit. Most city builder games like this stop being worth it past level 17

  7. I've seen this on Android but not on iOS anyone know if it has a listing for it there?

  8. I'm only on Android so I'm not sure about iOS unfortunately 😕

  9. Any tips on growing it? I think I made a mistake trying to start some indoors. Only 2 sprouted with a heat mat and only one is even sort of looking like a lettuce haha. Same with kale! Greens don't seem to like me cause my peppers and tomatoes are thriving.

  10. Yeah ditch the heat mat. They don’t like too much heat or too much sun it seems. Honestly the lettuce types have all been very easy to germinate and grow. These have sat outside in 4” pots for the last two weeks or so and transplanted into the bed two days ago. Been using an organic fish fert called neptunes harvest I believe every two weeks or so. These were started indoors in 6 cell trays, thinned to one plant per cell. Grew right along side my tomatoes and basil etc.

  11. Makes sense. I started over 200 plants and figured I'd use the heating mat as a sort of catchall since the peppers and tomatoes wanted the heat. I might try some direct sowing once this freeze passes my area again. I use a homemade comfrey tea on my starts and they all are loving it! Smells just as gross as fish fertilizer though haha

  12. Zoo guests , animals, water (bodies and effects), staff numbers , lights and habitat sizes all come together to create one laggy zoo with enough of any of these no matter what computer you have. We are limited by the fantastic optimisation that the game has.

  13. Dang, I figured as much. I grew up playing the Zoo Tycoon games, so this game is like a dream to me. Is it too much to want an awesome game that runs perfectly?

  14. I posted a guide to it a week or so ago. The offer I did was to reach level 17, but it pended for me at 15. I was able to get it done in a week or so of your typical city builder stuff, but I think anything above 20 would be too long to reach. As it was, upgrades for level 15 were already in the day plus long timer zone, which I was able to get past with some lucky speedups I won in an event.

  15. Aren’t these types of games always offering speed boosts though? Star Trek and Puzzles and Zombies was the same.

  16. Sure, for some sort of micro transaction you can get plenty of speed boosts. There are speed boosts available thru trading in of currency, but the high value speed boosts (1hr, 3hr, 8hr, etc) are not in those shops and are really only available thru events, micro transactions, or other means that are difficult.

  17. This was an easy game that is doable without purchasing anything.

  18. Agreed! I just bought the package I did to get rid of ads since they were really bothering me.

  19. Prolific hands down. All the surveys through it are better laid out and hardly ever break or have issues. Prolific as a company requires all requesters pay a minimum hourly of $6 USD, so the money is a lot easier to rack up than Mturk. There can be dry spells, but generally I'm able to do at least 5 a day while being picky and turning down ones that seem too long or intensive. Requesters also bonus a lot more often than on Mturk.

  20. When you say dry spells, do you mean Christmas and summer breaks for schools/universities?

  21. Fair enough, I just wondered since they grew from the same cluster and all the others in the cluster have flowered the normal way.

  22. Throwing out some tips as a semi-commercial pepper person... I'll leave humidity covers on until the plants touch them. I take the domes off for 5-6 hours a day for airflow/fan but put the covers back on at night if a large number of seeds have not germinated yet.

  23. Quick question! What if some have germinated but others haven't and some of the seedlings are touching the dome? Should I prop the dome up slightly so it isn't touch but is still covering somewhat?

  24. If the 3in nursery pots are available please reach out :)

  25. Cut it all down to the ground as far as you can. You want it right down to soil level. Use loppers.

  26. Thanks so much for the detailed reply! We are using the black tarp method for a crepe myrtle tree we cut down that is insisting it is now a zombie.

  27. Google images and a plant ID app say Chinese privet, but pictures they show include the shrub flowering which these don't. I hate them so much. They come back from the tiniest root left and spread a few feet in each direction with new shoots from running roots I believe.

  28. Yeah, it's day, lillies. What kind? Well have to wait and see.

  29. Thanks for that! Do you think they could handle being moved right now? From what I've read they're pretty hardy, and I would like to move them elsewhere on our property to make space for beehives where they are currently.

  30. I know this is a old thread but unless I'm missing something here this game got nerfed. Because in karat craze each daub is 2xp per. I have screenshots to prove it.

  31. Most likely did, the longer games stay on Swagbucks the more nerfed they seem to get. At least in my experience.

  32. I'm in 7B/8 as well and my rosemary bush was nuked as well thanks to the freeze. Been keeping an eye on it and noticed some green tips on the top branches. Waiting for those to grow and our weather to balance out before pruning away all the dead wood.

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