1. Wait until he finds out that the internet is from Sweden or some shit, not America.

  2. I play wild and the only part of this I care about is that I'm gonna have to craft Krag'wa

  3. Got rid of it all from my childhood, rn all I got left is the Lego Tallneck from Horizon's Forbidden West

  4. On the hardest difficulty they compare greatly to Sekiro, except there's less than half a dozen main bosses which kinda makes it easier overall. In no way is Jedi Fallen Order as hard as an actual Fromsoft title.

  5. Yeah for sure , i thought you were comparing souls games to sekiro

  6. Nah, Sekiro is by far the most unique of the collection and whilst Fallen Order is a souls-like, it's more similar to that than any other Fromsoft title.

  7. Atm I don't want something new... I just want a bloodborne pc port

  8. Just bully Sony into giving up the IP, everyone keeps tryna blame Fromsoft when it ain't their fault.

  9. Dark Souls 3, Elden Ring, Dark Souls 3 again, Bloodborne, Demon Souls, Sekiro, Dark Souls Remastered, then Dark Souls 2.

  10. Don't forget the Boomsday card that summoned 2 Annoy-o-trons

  11. And Margit is the 2nd? That doesn't prove shit when there's also bosses like Mohg that are about the same stage of the late game, and less people even try to fight bc they're not as iconic. You need to remember a lot of people only even tried to fight her bc she got so much attention online, compared to Mohg and Placidusax who are barely even mentioned outside of the souls community.

  12. DS3 and Elden Ring for sure. I could never bring myself to kill Boc or Turtle Pope

  13. I killed Varre on every playthrough and Haight on Challenge Runs, but I can't do it to anyone else.

  14. I was just having a bit of fun. All the downvotes tell me nobody found it funny. :D

  15. So I get 50k and my mum gets 100k? That's fucking great, then she can afford to get professional help and I won't fucking hate her anymore. Everybody wins.

  16. Probably a good way of not getting your comment removed for being inappropriate

  17. A little bit by my brother but mostly the shit holes known as Xbox, Twitter, and Discord. I've been online for just over half my life and that's where I learned the most important shit. All my mum contributed was teaching me to use appliances and some things around the house, but that was moreso she could get me to do those things for her as she sits on the couch most of the day.

  18. My mum has tried saying shit like this bc my gf and ex are both women, and 3 out of my 4 other partners were all women. But like, how many fucking gay guys are there in comparison to straight women.

  19. My only complaint is the sheer amount of Bloodflame lying around in the second phase, but apart from that he's up there with Friede as my favourite Souls boss of all time.

  20. How are you posting to Reddit if you're tied up and your phone is dead?? Call the cops or something

  21. Pretty sure starting a business would cost upwards of 10k. My phone was £350. The groceries cost more like £120. Last time I went out for dinner it was £140 for myself, mum, my older brother and his girlfriend and my younger brother which was for a special occasion. I'll give them the show one, but that's bc I work late and get free time between like 1am-5am. Last skill I learned was CAD which took fucking months to learn just for me to have no where to apply it.

  22. Don't want me to trauma dump? Don't fucking talk to me when you know I've got shit going on. Like you can't expect me to pretend for your sake and then call me selfish for not wanting to.

  23. The new keyword, I'm pretty sure if the card costs all of your mana left you gain the effect. So if you played this with 8 mana you'd gain the effect.

  24. It's basically a flip of a coin. On one hand, they could just pass on their trauma and not know how to handle children and so they just resort to their parents methods which causes more abuse, which is what happened to my mother. On the other hand, they could learn from their parents mistakes and just be much better than them by making sure they've got the best idea possible of what to do before even having kids which is what I did.

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