1. Is Emergence new name for Cataclysm?

  2. If you've got some friends are are okay with LFGs (looking for groups) on the games' discord servers, there's GTFO and Ready Or Not. They're probably not quite what you're looking for, but they're slower paces tactical shooters that require pacing yourself, analysing your surroundings, communicating with your team mates and working together to come up with solutions. Both have their own issues.

  3. I have both on wishlist, waiting for prices to drop and also observing if playerbase will still be around.

  4. Have you tried Super Hot? It’s very different, time only moved when you move. It’s pretty fun, though has basic graphics. It was a free game this month on PS+ on PlayStation.

  5. Yup, completed super hot long time ago. Fun game.

  6. I was a little afraid big coolers will eat space inside and may be not as good as i thought.

  7. Just recently got this case delivered and got the PC assembled, opened up Reddit and saw this, haha.

  8. Can you post some pics of your build?

  9. Sorry, it took a while, but here's a small post with the build

  10. No problem. This case really looks amazing!

  11. Looks great, can you upload more photos?

  12. What are your temps on CPU and GPU idle/under work or gaming?

  13. The bigger one is beautiful but damn 35L! Too big for me.

  14. Don't worry about the jokes. With 40 series it will be full-fledged oven!

  15. 59c avg on both gpu and cpu under load for intial test after about 3hours. Haven't had time to adjust any fan or pump speeds yet but enjoying the silence!

  16. It really feels like THIS is the stupid question, but i've wasted too much time on tutorials that don't answer absolute basic for me.

  17. Depending on your other stuff in living room i suggest Silverstone sugo 14. It blends in.

  18. This is 100% why i pick this case. It's modern but not crazy-gamer style. It is in the room, but it is not screaming for attention. I want my pc to do the work, not to be a piece of art, rgb lightshow or something. I think it just works well for adults.

  19. Seem very high to me considering the load is gaming and our dude here got a Dark Rock Pro on the 5600X. If it's not a bad seating then i'd guess no air is comming in or whatever air is coming in is the hot one from the GPU.

  20. Its tight, and i believe DRP4 fight for air with PSU a little bit as they are so close. 70 C was max temp after 2 hours.

  21. So, how are temperatures while gaming? :)

  22. Didn't play much, but 70 C on CPU and 58 C on GPU so far.

  23. This is my first Small Form Factor PC i built. In fact, first PC i built myself. For years i bought already made pc, as i wasn't sure, what to do.

  24. I'm editing my own podcast and have a lot of clicking sound (saliva etc. don't know how to describe it in english) that i want to get rid of faster than manually.

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