About an inch long and furry. Found outside a gas station, SE US

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  1. Según tu modo incel? Y no, te enfrentas a un universo de limitaciones amigo.

  2. Bueno, dejemos algo en claro acá: No estan los incels desesperados por ponerla?

  3. El concepto abarca más detalles. Pero no voy a hablar de temas relacionados al sexo con una menor. Suerte.

  4. "No voy a hablar de sexo con una menor" dice el que intentó avergonzarme por estar en contra del sexo casual.

  5. Yes, but jfk also said not to think about what the state could do for you, but the opposite. He was as rotten as any other politician.

  6. Black widows aren't usually a big deal. I live in southern California and have oodles of black widows in my yard, garage, garden shed, etc. They keep to themselves. I rarely see them unless I go out at night with a flashlight. I've been around widows pretty much my entire life, but don't personally even know anyone who has ever been bit. They're shy, timid spiders that prefer to hide.

  7. giving them the shoe treatment is safer for the person doing it than all the eviction BS.

  8. And Elon IS policing the platform. Lots of CP-sharing accounts have been dealt with already in the short time he was in charge.

  9. No, she's not producing more value than anyone else.

  10. Well this is definitely not good advice. Why would you ask if there is somewhere to sleep? I would definitely assume....I might ask if I needed to bring anything. Maybe it's an emergency?

  11. because even if there are plenty of places to sleep, not asking beforehand can lead to quarrels between guests who want the same spot.

  12. HE WAS ALREADY THERE. HE IS 13. NOT HELPFUL. Sure it could have been useful, IF THAT WAS WHAT HE ASKED but he was asking for advice now, how to stay warm in that moment, not detailed bullshit about how stupid he was for not asking. This was a CHILD in a horrible situation at the moment. I am sure he learned his lesson without your "advice".

  13. Don't worry. By 40, he'll look 60 if he keeps smoking.

  14. I agree that any stranger is dangerous, but if they start the "we should vote" dirty trick, OP will lose.

  15. Maybe some founder of some modern day murderous company?

  16. or a failed painter somewhere in europe, I think.

  17. Let them be in their echo chambers. Reedit will eventually go Twitter's way (not via Musk, hopefully, artificial monopolies are bad) and more leftist crimes will be uncovered if they fail to learn anything from the twitter case.

  18. What's the setting? Do time pass naturally or there's time travel?

  19. Yes. No one should force anyone to take care of other people. Forced charity makes people selfish.

  20. They don't hide it anymore. If people would spend more time connecting dots instead of rooting for "their team" maybe we could hold some of these motherfuckers accountable once in awhile... if not for better governance then maybe for lulz?

  21. there are no dots to connect, it's just a continuous line from the start to the end.

  22. Try GURPS ultra-lite. The rules are very simple and very flexible, and it's free.

  23. Nah, es basura, si querés yo paso a recogerla gratis así no tenés que molestarte en pagar un servicio especializado /s

  24. This is an anterior (front) view of the pelvis. That is pubic cartilage. It’s there so that when women give birth, the bones can break apart for the baby if need be. Don’t ask me why they made it different colors for male and female, pretty stupid.

  25. Why do men need front pubic cartilages, then? They don't give birth

  26. I’m going to post here as each book is released. That should prompt me to ping you.

  27. Yah. Ebooks long before then. PDFs for “pre orders” will be made available as they are complete. I expect Garden of Evil to be distributed end of next week. Maybe sooner. Bugstiary next as soon as I finalize the cover and do another edit. Serpents of Legend has the cover but is in editing.

  28. Would you be kind enough to make a note to send me a link when they are ready?

  29. Even socialism has been around forever under various names to hide how evil and harmful it is to humanity.

  30. Would that logic not work for Capitalism as well idt slavery was even inspired by socialism by your logic almost every ism has existed since the beginning Idt socialism is one personally it has existed in many small societies but not wide-scale enough to match your claim, It literally cannot work beyond a small and probably isolated society at least not for long

  31. Yes but it's a bigger obstacle to get them illegally. That in itself will put less guns in the hands of people who shouldn't have them. Sure the determined ones will always get them, but that's a poor excuse to not improve gun laws.

  32. Like yourself, I assume anything the government is doing is against the interests of their citizens and in their own interests or those of the globalists.

  33. It's one thing to act in your own interests, it's a very different thing when those personal interests can be summed up as "cause as much harm to others as possible for funsies"

  34. My wife took a form of chemotherapy for her MS.

  35. I had strong covid last january, my mother gave me ivermectin (I don't know who recommended it to her, I had a bad fever and my only question was "what is this" when she gave me a pill because I have no reason to distrust her judgment).

  36. Very dangerous when found in pairs attached to their host

  37. Not as dangerous as the "green mane bug" or its purple/pink variant, however. Those may turn aggressive if you are simply existing in their general vicinity.

  38. Oh Marx was definitely whiny and his character is reflected by his followers, it’s just that his ideas make more sense. Thomas Sowell’s Marx absolutely rips into who this man was as a person and it is not pretty.

  39. Let me guess, he was insanely jealous of anyone with more wealth than him but simply sulked about it instead of working for it?

  40. Worse. He was a real asshole who alienated almost all the other socialists he interacted with. When they had conferences and conventions, he’d talk up democratically selecting leaders and then would strongman his way into the top spot. He basically lived at the British library, making no money, mooching off of his buddy Engels. Meanwhile at one point his family had to live in the slums.

  41. Sounds like the average commie to me.

  42. Thank you. I think it came from the cat though. Gonna nuke them all just be safe.

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