1. I dont think people realize how much of Bionicles DNA is in the current system mech sets

  2. There’s definitely a lot of legacy pieces from all early technic/constructables still in use today. It’s cool seeing it all fused together with bricks and everything

  3. I am genuinely surprised more people don't use the new ball joint bricks in Bionicle MOCs. I got Zane's Ice Dragon and am planning to look into building with them later today.

  4. Yeah I’m starting to get into the g2/modern parts, and I see the nostalgia appeal of the OG parts, but these new parts just seem too awesome to pass up

  5. He did take the original picture. This is another picture of the same group. Look at his post history

  6. That’s potentially a problem. However a welder wouldn’t do you any good here. If it’s truly leaking at the seam between the two case halves, you would need to disassemble it, weld the broken spot, and then machine the mating surface flat again.

  7. How far apart are the times you’re driving your car? A standard lead acid battery shouldn’t be losing charge very quickly

  8. The same world as Dali’s persistence of memory before reality was questioned

  9. Just put it on hand tight bro. I swear bro. You’ll have to rip it off with a screwdriver if you torque it AT ALL bro. Whole engine will be ruined bro.

  10. But it would still have the rest of the joint to flex wouldn't it? I'm just talking about filling the hairlines. I would think that would redirect the strain elsewhere, but I also often have no idea what I'm talking about

  11. Your last statement is the correct one. It sucks, but the reality of things is that plastic doesn’t last forever. There’s a growing number of people looking into 3D printing parts, so hopefully in the future we can just print replacements. Any epoxy would either crack on the same spot as it is now a weak point(even metal welds experience this) or it would just crack in another area over time. Or it would be too far open and just be a sloppy joint

  12. The other thing I see here is that you still sell your fish and get a bunch of beans for it. If anything, it should just go to who got the last fish automatically instead of having to press the bingo button.

  13. Sounds like fuel splashing back in the tank from the return line. How full is the tank? Do you only hear this sound when the fuel cap is open?

  14. I’ve noticed other late 90’s early 00’s black parts do this. I’ve owned a McDonald’s onepu bionicle and been the only owner of it. Its flexible arms have done a similar thing. Almost like a layer is peeling off. I believe that the softer material they used was easily marred and would turn a very ashy white color when separated from the rest of the brick. So long story short: old soft parts have been played with a lot and show it.

  15. I’ve had good results with goo gone, orange goo, and Zep brand cherry bomb. Currently using cherry bomb as it was easy to come by and I like the smell

  16. I'm an Industrial Maintenance Technician so I think I'm in the clear? I aspire to be an Aerospace engineer so hopefully that's a non-bot career too lol

  17. Same here. Even Mickey needs someone to do maintenance in Toon Hall

  18. Seems about average for the single set. I usually try to bundle sets together to get a discount if I’m chatting with the person I’m buying from

  19. That would do absolutely nothing, just cut it off and keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t bulge out or something crazy. Most likely won’t by the looks of it, but it’s good to give it a look every so often

  20. On paper that looks great. Definitely would check in person. I know here in the US that would be listed a lot higher since the demand for them is so high

  21. Thanks man. Going to check it out today if all goes to plan!

  22. If it’s got the factory catalytic converters then I’d say go for it. That way if you give up, you can part out and make a decent amount of money

  23. This is well done. I love how you stayed true to the GWP and made the nuva forms in similar fashion to how the original nuva were effectively a modified mata set

  24. Just saw two of those orange ones sell for $720… I’m going to go cry now that I know you got one for $5

  25. Not to point any fingers but the number of posts that are like "is this worth much, I got it for like 10 bucks" and it's something extremely rare smells like BS to me lmao

  26. Definitely suspicious. However this is far from the first time that I would have seen someone come across valuable stuff by accident like this. So always plausible

  27. Lol yeah I’ve had him for years! Just recently popped the tail apart to repair the return spring for the trigger. Works flawlessly now. And he’s even still got the minicon

  28. They were one of the few things I could actually afford to buy!

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