AITA for kicking a girl I didn’t know out of my wedding.

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  1. YTA. I don’t see how her staying could have caused any harm. It’s common sense your husbands friend would leave as well and you didn’t even notify your husband before asking them to leave which seems very deceptive to me. On top of all that you failed to acknowledge that this is your husbands special day just as much as yours. Extremely selfish behavior and I would recommend apologizing, not only to your husband, but to his friend as well. His relationship with his friend is now fractured directly related to your actions and you owe them both an apology.

  2. Trust me bro you don’t want to be reminded. Looks like nothing is coming this year at least.

  3. S14_ says:

    Literally in the file name.

  4. Interesting. The earliest clip is labeled as 5-07-21 and the newest one 9-13-22, putting almost 17 months worth of time between the clips. However every clip seems to be at a similar level of development. Hard to believe that nearly a year and a half goes by and the game is in the same condition. Something tells me those timestamps do not represent when those clips were originally recorded, or the build/gameplay does not represent the condition/progress of the core game at large.

  5. Even if it tastes dynamite the presentation is a solid F🤦‍♂️

  6. Keep it. Light it up anytime anyplace in the city of anyone dares tries to Get up on Kd. My shooting is on point niggaz no not to fuck wit me and if they do ……

  7. GTA 5 and RDR2 reveal was in Q4 2011 and 2016 and released 2 years later I’m thinking 2024 IF we get a reveal this year…

  8. Yes, but this was because both games were delayed. Both were planned to be release 18 months after the trailer initially.

  9. That is not correct, but somewhat close. It was 12 months, not 18 months.

  10. Yea I’ve got multiple articles and sources that tell me otherwise. Please share where you got your info please.

  11. They'll definitely have this atleast for the players personal vehicle, it'll be like rdr2 where you stored weapons and other items on your horse

  12. https://www.pcgamesn.com/grand-theft-auto-vi/story-rockstar-peyote

  13. What gta V lacked was chores. The game overwhelmed us with missions burying us in money to spend on shit that were pretty much a onetime investment.

  14. To each their own. Personally, I think chores are dangerous. I’ve watched “chores” seriously damage the playability of games like Destiny. Gaming isn’t supposed to be a chore. It’s supposed to be fun. However, I love your second note. Other games have done things like this. Vehicles have various mod and engine options with higher end vehicles having a chance of having higher end parts. Vehicles have a “rarity” so to speak. However, if you like a certain vehicle you can invest a lot into rare and high quietly engine parts and such to compete with “rarer” cars. with a very deep vehicle customization system to go along with something like this.

  15. I don’t like the idea of comparing games to each other. I know I just did with iv and v, but in a matter of thinking outside the box to make the latest entry better than the previous ones, which In this case required taking inspiration from an older title, in the same franchise.

  16. I like your idea man. But again you have to be careful. Add enough “chores” and you end up in a situation where you can’t drive a car for more than 10 minutes without having to stop by a mechanic shop. And no matter how you hack it, that would get old after a while. You got a find a way to implement interesting systems like the one you described without making it feel like it interrupts regular gameplay in a serious way.

  17. It is implicit that when making a public thread that people will comment opinions. Nobody needs to be asked. The post itself is the invitation.

  18. I May not approve of his use of the word gay, but my man is speaking facts

  19. I’m gonna have to go with YTA on this one. The oldest I get. Sounds unmotivated, lazy and he doesn’t work. If he doesn’t want to get a job or do anything, I get why you’d feel that way. But geez your other son works a 9-5 and you just shit all over him. He works 40 HOURS a week and it sounds like he has to listen to you call him lazy all day. Not everyone want their life to surround their occupation. Your love is clearly conditional. The other sons are only winners if they work 60+ hours a week and embody productivity. Can’t imagine why the youngest is so unmotivated when he feels like a loser after working 40 hours a week. And to top it all off, you praise the middle child like he’s god yet you argue you’ve “shown them the same love their whole life”. What I’m Reading says the exact opposite. Consider getting to know who your children are before judging them based on your unrealistic expectations.

  20. I hope they do 6 stars. Getting 3 stars for killing a cop made sense to me, but because there were only 5 stars in gta 5, there wasn’t enough Segway from Star to star. It just felt like endless cops on 3 stars, 4 stars having noose, and 5 stars being no different from 4. In gta 4, three stars was just police and choppers, then 4 stars was swat, then 5 stars the fbi, and 6 stars made them all way more aggressive. I think 6 makes more sense from a gameplay perspective. 5 was just to little considering you get 3 for shooting a cop.

  21. So excited about the weapon system. GTA 5 gameplay is so stale with players having every possible solution to a gunfight in their pocket. Now players will have to actually consider how they want to play. Yes you can carry an RPG and an assault rifle, but you’ll be extremely vulnerable to players with sniper rifles. Truly beautiful.

  22. For me, the reasoning from the friends is what bothers me. It seems like they didn’t have a problem with you being nude in front of them, it was explicitly being nude in front of their husbands. Are they worried that their husbands cannot handle themselves around a woman with her top off? If that’s the case, perhaps they should be reevaluating their relationship with their husbands. While I will agree that it would have been smarter of you to read the room and realize no one else seemed comfortable with it, it does seem like your friends projected their insecurities onto you and made it a much bigger deal than it needed to be. NTA

  23. Not to mention if you look at take two interactive’s financial forecasts, you’ll notice two things:

  24. What has the projected growth been previous years? Anywhere close to 9 billion?

  25. They go by percentages because each year as the company increases in value, A 4% growth entails higher profit margins year over year. They usually shoot for around 4%. But if you look solely on how much they made in the past three years:

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