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This hits me right in the feels

  1. “Average” sized penises. Or a bit smaller. I’m 5’1, big penises terrify me. Ouch. (No shaming here, I’m just not into massive peens lolol) like 4.5” hard is my ideal.

  2. I legit bled for 8 months after getting Kyleena inserted, which then turned to 2 years with no period at all. I’m going on year 4 with it still in, as there is a lack of doctor access in my area, along with it being a really odd situation. I’ve had heavy cramping, worsening depression, to go with a whole lot of other side effects. I’m now to a point that I get a (very irregular) period, accompanied by the absolute worse cramps I have ever experienced.

  3. “I thought you’d be mad at me if I told you, so I just did it and didn’t tell you, because you overreact” 🥴

  4. I leave mine be and try not to pick, it always figures it out :)

  5. Okay maybe I should just leave it alone!! I got this from Plant Collective in February, probably 10 dead leaves on the bottom of it when it arrived and it hadn’t sprouted a leaf since. In June, I picked at the top of it and it, within a week, sprouted the top leaf. It hasn’t changed since, so yesterday I picked at the top again and it’s already started that little tiny leaf at the top!

  6. I leave mine. Picking the sheath off can result in damaging the new leaves (they can dry out prematurely). Hard to tell, but is that webbing on the stem?

  7. I’m not sure!! I have two long haired cats, so there’s definitely more cat hair than I’d like on the stem, maybe that’s what you’re seeing?? I’m not sure what to look for lol

  8. aw I also have a crestie named Mango and she looks just like that. twins 😁🥰

  9. Awwwe!! My boyfriend suggested the name, and when he did I knew it had to be the name as I already have a Birman cat named Meeko. January of 2020 I was going to get another Birman and name him Mango, then Covid hit and I never ended up getting him. Got with my BF in October, got my gecko in February, never mentioned the name Mango, or that I’d planned to have a cat named Mango, and he said “what about the name Mango?” And I was like 🥺🥺🥺🥰, and my crestie is now Mango 🥰🤣

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