1. Yeah people enjoy it, but it's pretty normal not to as well. It's definitely an acquired taste, and also for me, being buzzed or drunk makes it a lot more enjoyable and tolerable. I fuckin' hate Old Fashions or anything scotch or whiskey based if I'm sober, but if I'm already a few drinks deep, they're somehow magically delicious.

  2. I'd ask people who are already in other hardcore-ish bands that aren't either very popular or very active. There's always some drummer who's itchin to play guitar or vice versa, and a hardcore vocalist can never be in too many bands at the same time lol

  3. when u try to explain yourself it usually comes off like you're trying to justify your shitty behavior no matter how ya spin it, best just to keep apologies short and sweet and not try to diminish their feelings of being upset by explaining that you were trying to do something positive, so i guess at the end of the day, intent doesn't really matter unless the ONLY reason they're upset is a general misunderstanding.

  4. If you're at a bar, you'll get ignored for long periods of time and your mixed drinks will likely be made super weak, same applies to cocktail waitresses at casinos

  5. 35 and i think being a lightweight who is someone who could get toasted off 3-4 beers, but that would be fucking amazing IMO.

  6. I'd rather do an extra hour of cardio every day than never eat delicious things like pizza and burritos and ice cream.

  7. I think it's about finding the right stuff you like doing with other people, and being around the types of people who mesh with your personality.

  8. if u still got both halves with serial numbers on each side, u can go to the bank and trade it in for a new one.

  9. IMO any older woman whose got anything good to offer a man wouldn't have to resort to fucking 18 year olds.

  10. Jeezus- the facts about the woman in your last paragraph are kinda scary. It sounds like she peaked in high school and never grew past it!

  11. Well yeah what you described, would be a pretty ideal dream scenario for any young dude i'd think.

  12. Just stay out of the state where your warrant is and u should be alright with just traffic violations.

  13. The sad truth from what i've seen is a lot of those people are just very hard to tolerate, or they're so closed-off and avoidant to an extent that it's impossible to build any sort of bond with them.

  14. The craziest one? she wrapped her legs around me like an anaconda and tried to stop me from pulling out when I was about to cum. I should also mention we were still teenagers in high school.

  15. I know it's a retarded, but i hate sex w/ condoms so much that i would rather not have sex than wear one. tried a bunch of different kinds, it just isn't anywhere close to the same as going raw and i don't find it enjoyable, i'd rather just jerk off at that point lol

  16. I personally love local TV news, tells me what's going on around the community, usually a solid mix of reporting on positive and negative things happening, events around the region, they give visibility to charity drives and such, and the people are more relatable cuz they're local.

  17. I might be over simplifying things here, but there isn't some magic secret or fad diet or exercise program that stands up to old faithful;

  18. Not really sure what u mean by Campus Life exactly but the social life for sure. I went to college for the first time at 23, and it was pretty awesome cuz I had an off campus house as a freshman, chicks dig older dudes, and i could buy beer when most my classmates were under 21. made a LOT of money throwing keg parties and charging $$ for a cup at the door.

  19. idk what song but My mom loves the Marshall Mathers LP by Eminem

  20. My girlfriend makes 3x my income and pays the lion's share of all the bills, so basically she's the one bringing the entire table lol.

  21. Probably not for a long time, i live in an apartment with on-street parking, so can't install a charger or charge at home, and the nearest EV charging station to me is 10 miles away

  22. I live in a little tiny town in Northeast Pennsylvania USA with a population of 1,100 people, the nearest town with a 5,000+ population is 35 miles away.

  23. YES, God yes it's wild out there. It only happens when I'm traveling alone, but I'd estimate 75% of the 'normal' seeming men who were ever like "hey man i got a place u can shower and crash for a night" or some other 'kind gesture' AT LEAST tried to suck my dick, if not try and pressure me into sex, or at worst try to drug and fuck me. I've also definitely been recorded while showering.

  24. Whaddaya mean? He was on a super hero team with MJ and Bo Jackson.

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