Wojciech Szczęsny penalty save against Argentina 39'

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  1. OG dynavaper here. vong with waterpiece, checking in!

  2. Came here looking for this as well. Go figure, Ohio pharmacy board cant appropriately maintain web traffic

  3. Can you even park down there yet? They’ve left those roads torn up for months

  4. I only get the sneak peaks on sale days, and i typically buy most of my day to day smoke way in advance, and save a few days for special purchases when they pop up. But I stick with the same few tried and true strains that always work for me for what I need them to do (sour blue diesel and jealousy for wake-up and throughout morning; orange 43, lemon slushee, or 92 cookies for work; king's mustache (rip), garlic breath 2.0, lemon dosidos, Larry cake, or a few others for afternoon/ wind down time; I usually save my tip tier stuff for home in the evening or going out (woodward, RC before that started to suck and forgot how to trim, klutch, artifacts, etc). I also keep a whole slew of certified flower on deck, as I use several of them to treat my autism symptoms throughout the day. Same for farkas problem child. It is by far the best flower in the program (for my needs) and I can rarely get it because my dispensary only gets it occasionally, and then only a couple tenths here and there. I have recently discovered that a dispensary a little over an hour from me carries it in half ounces, and they occasionally have sales (my dispensary has never had farkas on sale. JUST started have 10% off everything sales a couple weeks ago. Always has been brand specific) of 20-25% off. So I am going to have to try to organize a ride down there, I guess.

  5. Thanks for the info broseph! It sure sounds like we like a lot of the same strains. Do you care to share what certified flower works well for you if you don’t mind? to treat my autism symptoms as well

  6. The tongue splashers seems to be the best at quickly bringing me down from an anxiety attack, but I have only been able to find it once, so I normally use animal mintz select for that, but its VERY strong, so sometimes i come down a little too far lol. I find the dark rainbow works great for me for just general social anxiety i feel having to work around people. The g soap works great for me for focus; i get easily overwhelmed and distracted if there are a lot of stimuli, and the g soap keeps me leveled out nicely.

  7. I was thrilled about the new genetics so I couldn’t wait to pick some up. I picked up 3 diff sneak peeks last week and headed up to amplify.

  8. 2 month cure (which is good if done properly) just to have it dried to a crisp in packaging...I dont get why they (many Ohio cultivators) do this. Youd think theyd try the containers before distribution. Most of what I get from BR in glass isnt that dry but the last Super Sour Orange I got was very dry so I dunno. At least BR isnt charging $45+ a tenth like some companies with dry herb problems.

  9. Preach! Hopefully they get it sorted out, they’re usually known for consistency and I want to keep buying their stuff lol

  10. I haven’t heard anything on that one. I tried 3 firelands pods and didn’t love any of them. Been waiting to hear if they improved

  11. It really ruins my enjoyment of raids, I swear to god

  12. That and my game force crashing. 4 times in 2 days!! And I don’t even play that much!

  13. Riviera just got into the concentrates and vape game fairly recently doing it themselves. I'd personally try to give them a little more time to learn what they are doing with it better first.. They do everything in house, they don't hand it off to third party processors so it's ALL them and since they are new to it, They are starting to make their own but it's not seeming like they are very good at it yet based on most of the posts and comments from people who have tried them. I love a lot of their flower though and I make my own Rosin at home and when I make it out of their shit, it ALWAYS comes out really good and great yields..

  14. I thought someone extracted their carts before, beneleaves or one orijin I believe. Correct me if I’m wrong

  15. I got 2 be triple crown lusters at curaleaf last week. They were 5 days from expiring but i got both for $33 otd. They taste fine to me after sitting for a year so maybe its just their oil. 🤷‍♂️

  16. i cant speak for the whole flower your looking at but i got a supply half ounze of "ground" flower that was actually the worst, driest, harshest, shake ive ever had i wouldve complained if there wasnt a dry ass kief nugget almost the size of a golf ball in it. i bought a 14 dollar ounce of cbd shake online during black friday and it was miles ahead in terms of quality.

  17. I would stay away from pre ground if possible. Shit is a ripoff imo

  18. Yeah im not buying supplys pre ground again unless its cheap cheap.

  19. That is good to know! One of the first things i got in the program was a half of cresco shake. it was like sawdust and had nearly zero flavor and effects, was sooo pissed. Been salty about them ever since lol

  20. I’ve never seen this type of contact given as a penalty

  21. 2nd ass penalty against us and 2nd one he saves. Those pens are ridiculous

  22. Thanks for posting pics! how would you describe the smell and taste?

  23. I'm sorry but they knew about the gag order on his testimony(what it essentially is) and published it anyway. There are certain times when the first amendment doesn't and shouldn't allow you to break the law

  24. The sheer amount and variety of food available post war led to culinary experimentation that feels very similar to the different sea creatures that popped up during the Cambrian Explosion

  25. Holy shit. This might be the best internet comment of all time.

  26. Why did it look like at any moment she was about to start twerking

  27. The worst part was that MIT and Jstor didn't even want to pursue damages, it was the feds that kept pushing for punishment which makes absolutely no sense. The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act needs to be reformed.

  28. The feds fully believe and act as if we (the american population) are disposable cattle

  29. I’ve learned the hard way that Samsung appliances are built to break. Good luck with this!

  30. My wife broke our Samsung vacuum handle 3 times before the warrenty expired and we were told to pound sand. I will never buy another.

  31. They’re not only made to break, but also to be near impossible to repair by yourself. LG is another brand like this.

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