1. It was a must have for me. I have had it on previous cars and it works well as a sacrificial non-metallic element to protect the paint from door dings. When careless New Yorkers open their car doors, it will hit the moulding, which is like a plastic, rather then the metal door.

  2. I am not sure from online photos, but I think the OEM hitch needs the back bumper to be replaced?

  3. Nah, they just cout out a small hole for it to slide into. OEM maintains the factory departure angles and clearance, which might be important.

  4. If it is the gas version, yeah, you will hear and "feel" it shifting through the 8 gears. Hybrid and Prime has an eCVT, so no gears.

  5. Looks like you need a new rear door. Hopefully no frame damage.

  6. FitCamX does not have power for "parking mode". If car isn't on, it isn't.

  7. Wax is good for the paint. It provides a basic layer of protection from water spots and dirt. Just make sure the car is really really clean before applying. It won't prevent rock chips though.

  8. Not too bad. Wipe on, wipe off. It lasts a while, so I only have to do it every 4-6 months, but that is about the interval anyways between getting salt and dirt off.

  9. FitCamX. Looks very OEM-like. Super easy to install, discreet. Plug and play, took me like 5 min to install.

  10. We got a Subaru outback. The infotainment is annoying but the rest is awesome. We know 2 people that had issues with the hybrid cable on the Rav. One under warranty (took a month to fix) the other not under warranty (cost $5k to fix). I like Toyotas a lot but the $5k cable is a no go for me in the Midwest with our so winters.

  11. RAV4 is more comparable in size to a Forrester. I went RAV4 since I could get Hybrid/Prime, providing an even better MPG.

  12. I would get tire cables just in case. Good tires will get you most of the way with eAWD, but chains are usually still required to be carried in CA during storms, and you may need it for a steep driveway or icy slope.

  13. Not entirely, it does have a lot and go. Think of it as a sportier hybrid RAV4. Like a Jeep Trailhawk.

  14. Depends on region, trims, condition, etc. A lot of 2020+ models are trading at MSRP or even over in some cases.

  15. I’m in Pennsylvania to. I just read the rules today and it said that front sides and windshield Must allow more than 70% of light in. I’m interested in increasing the tint in the front windows. I want to make it harder for thieves to see what is in my car.

  16. Sometimes it is better for them know that there is nothing valuable in the car than smashing the window to find out and hope.

  17. To each their own. I like it, helps a bit with oncoming headlights.

  18. And not freaking out when there are deer on the road ahead.

  19. Depends on what you signed. Likely, it said that cost was subject to change, fees, etc.

  20. I had it with Amazon Music. But haven't had an issue with Spitify once I switched.

  21. With TPMS issue were you still able to read the tire pressure on the console? I know the stock tires obviously had sensors, just dont know how often or if they go bad sitting still for a bit in tires

  22. Mine were all "--" and blank. And nah, they don't go bad that quickly.

  23. Don't need it. I can just hotspot using my phone, and the speeds are way faster. Plus, I don't have to get yet another bill from a different carrier.

  24. I got mine at MSRP in 2021, with a full federal tax credit.

  25. Yes, unless you plan to replace the rubber and use it as a new one in the future.

  26. I wouldn't worry about it if all the other surfaces look correct.

  27. Unnecessary and would make the vehicle more prone to rollover.

  28. I am so glad I am not the only one annoyed by the light switch placements lol

  29. It is! Even drives my passengers nuts. It's like, "I know, I got you" as I reach up and fumble for the button for them so they don't have to find the flashlight on their phones. Lol

  30. The infotainment system is meh, but I use Android Auto 99% of the time. So not a super big deal. I do wish that the channel scanner function wasn't so buried in the menus. My other cars have all had a button you can just press.

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