1. Are there any surprising players missing? Let's have a discussion! 👇👀

  2. I forgot to mention but this is now only on PC. Console needs to wait till the update drops there. And we need to wait till a Squad Update drops which activates the stadium to also be in Career Mode!!!

  3. Minor correction: Bundesliga has only been a thing since the 1960s, so their 1931 German championship has nothing to do with BL.

  4. They can't fully take over the club, but there is a big sum of money invested into the club 😂

  5. Yes, but I have a different Reddit account now 😅

  6. I see. Love looking at these cm challenges. Can’t wait for more.

  7. Fifa 13 Luis Muriel is my all time greatest career mode player

  8. For me he was the best ever in FUT, not in Career Mode 😂

  9. For me it was a very young Morata

  10. Omg yes I signed him when I was at Norwich once lol 😂

  11. since I heard first of the real face managers I wanted to rebuild dortmund with Klopp

  12. "Sell one of your three highest rated players each season"

  13. Yes they are excluded indeed, apologies :)

  14. How do you change players’ nationalities? I assume that only works on PC

  15. No it's a new feature on console as well

  16. I just upgraded from 20 to 23, so this makes me very happy to hear

  17. Independiente won 7 Libertadores, not 6. Great challenge though, I will definitely try it when I get bored of my MSV Duisburg run!

  18. Thanks! Yeah the source I used had the wrong amount, at least I hope so otherwise it's my mistake 🤣

  19. It would be even better if you used tevez as the manager for this challenge

  20. True, although he will soon be removed from the game as he left his job at Rosario Central recently

  21. Still playing this super league career mode, I’m in my 4th season now, very addictive will certainly do this again in career mode. I’m considering doing a “British and Irish version of this, adding in the Scottish and Irish teams into the Premier League and EFL and adding in Wrexham from Rest Of The World. I will spread them out through the leagues and start with someone in league 2 and try and get them up to the top

  22. Was just on your Instagram lol. Aiden2307 (that’s mine not raatjefc’s)

  23. Good to hear you were on my Insta hahah! If you have a question, just let me know here :)

  24. I had a run with Grenoble in Fifa 22 and managed to bring Giroud back to end his career there. Quite the decent rtg

  25. Thank you, great to hear you like them! :)

  26. Where did you get this from? I don't remember Embolo ever playing for Derry

  27. Oh no that was from a YT video, just ignore that 🤣 He played for Basel during this time

  28. I picked up fifa 22 for $10 shortly before 23 released…. With 23 on sale, should I just skip to 23 for career mode?

  29. problem with the don't use websites is that I played so much cm, I already know most high potential players and hidden gems

  30. Fairs, I mainly put that in there to not have people use the highest potential talents every time 😂

  31. I'll try and make some challenges for these clubs as well!

  32. Really interesting. And really nice kits. Keep us updated!

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