1. I LOVE both Radiant Sky and Among The Clouds. You're in for a treat, enjoy!! πŸ₯°

  2. Thanks! I'm looking forward to them so much πŸ’—

  3. No ya'll, $9.95 is NOT a sale. $6.95 isn't great, but who TF do they think they are charging $9.95 as a sale for different shaped glass and an ounce more of wax? No thanx.

  4. They are allowed, but not all stores are following the policy. You should be able to exchange for another lotion with the same sticker price as the one your bringing back.

  5. Yay! Congrats!! I guess another round I won't be getting πŸ™„. I haven't gotten any since November.

  6. Thanks! Don't give up! My mom gets them sporadically too and she got these ones.

  7. Mine are coming today, can’t wait to see what I got

  8. I ended up asking him if he noticed the price. He went back and they showed him all of these! He grabbed a couple too, thank you for asking about that one!

  9. Oh wow! Those are all so pretty! Lucky you! How much are they?

  10. $35.95! More than I expected but pretty heavy. Putting up a post in a second

  11. That's not too bad considering how much things are these days.

  12. Idk, 50ish? πŸ˜‚ and still barely makes a dent in the bottle.

  13. As always, Coconut Lime Verbena and I would also love to see Exotic Coconut come back.

  14. Mine is coming today! What did you guys get???

  15. I got a 20% off and a free wallflower refill 😁

  16. Let us know what coupons you got!

  17. Oh my goodness! I don't use pocket bac holders, but this is absolutely precious! πŸ€—

  18. There is a new round of coupons coming out. I would wait and see if you get some. I love this holder too, but it's not worth no $40. I mean if you really really want it go for it, but I would wait.

  19. I have that crow wallflower plug I adore it!

  20. I eyed it all through the Halloween season and never got it. No way was I passing it up at 75% off!

  21. I second wanting wicked vanilla woods. Haven't had luck finding it! Were the love always wins collection 75% off? I noticed a discrepancy that a lot of people have been getting theirs 75% off but all of my stores are only doing 50% off.

  22. The single wicks were 75% off and the soap was $3. Anything else in the love always wins collection they had at 50% off.

  23. Learned this the hard way, next time I use a reward instore I am going to have it done as a separate transaction. There's no controlling how/where the rewards are applied and if you have alot of stuff it can be hard to know if it was applied it to what you wanted it to. So doing a separate transaction just seems so much easier.

  24. That's so sweet! What a nice thing for them to do.

  25. We are both obsessed with BBW πŸ˜„ I had given her a full size Dream Bright cream and ffm, of course she has to top me and give me not only 2 full size, but a candle, a mini cream and hand Sani's. I love her πŸ₯°

  26. So I realize Pearberry will eventually go down to 75% off, but I don't know when I'll get back to a store and honestly, I just want it now. I used a reward on one before it expires. I also needed to replace Blackberry & Basil since the first one I bought is resting comfortably soaked into the floor of my vehicle. I thought about asking to exchange it, but felt weird doing so. It's not bbw's fault I had to slam my breaks and my goodies went rolling around. Anyway, happy with my decision. Now I can stop looking at the site constantly. 😁

  27. I burned a Give Hope candle this month too! I loved it! Perfect for putting up decorations & getting in the holiday spirit, I wish I had another one!!

  28. Burned Cedar & Suede for a bit now just lit up Merry Mistletoe 🌲🌿🌲

  29. I’ve heard this is similar to Balsam and Firewood. Would you agree if you know that scent?

  30. Balsam & Firewood is a favorite of mine and I would not compare the two. I get more of a light woodsy almost incense type smell from Cedar & Suede. B&F is more smoky with pine. Would they fall into the same category? Maybe. But I appreciate each scent for what they are.

  31. Man, I had so many balsam scents I ended up passing on this one and kinda regret it.

  32. Definitely not a balsam scent. If you get the chance pick it up.

  33. Fresh Sparkling Snow β„οΈβœ¨οΈβ„οΈ

  34. Burning Tree Farm and wearing Fireside Flurries πŸŽ„

  35. I have 2 stores I can go to. One is a half hour away and one is about an hour away in two totally different directions and towns. I have to make a special planned trip to be able to go to these stores. I was fortunate to be off all this week and be able to get to both stores so I had two different hauls on different days. That's my explanation πŸ˜„ and yes, some people have stores all around them, usually in bigger metro areas, so they go multiple times because new stuff can be put out daily. If I had a store in my town I'd probably at least be checking a few times a week to see what was out.

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