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  1. No clue but I can't wait to get the milled mini Jack in 556. I snagged the tactical milled mini in 7.62x39 and its fun as hell to shoot.

  2. I wash they would stop edging us and give us a full sized rifle in a milled receiver.

  3. Are polymer furniture kits really $200 now?

  4. RSB is different, as is the dust cover.

  5. This is perfect. Let them see for themselves what’s affordable with two minimum wage jobs.

  6. Fuck I make 25 and can't afford to live in a (town) house I inherited.

  7. We don't forget kusas nonsense. We don't forget military arms channels svd scandal either. Both are fuckin dumb

  8. I don't think it's so much that people forget about Zastava issues and Arsenal issues, and WASR issues etc.

  9. People outright ignore arsenal and wasr issues.

  10. You can also get a handguard adapter to fit akm

  11. They fundraise after shootings and bribe politicians to do nothing, while pocketing the change.

  12. It's not much of a rumor given that it's officially been announced, and hit ady already makes some.

  13. Announced by PSA, along with all USSR calibers, Hornady already makes 5.45

  14. So what did you actually ask them in the email?

  15. What are you talking about? Social Security started in 1935. As you have to be 18 to vote, that means that the only people who voted for it who are benefitting from it are 105 years old and older. There are only 90,000 people in the US who are 100+, out of the 66 million Americans who receive SS.

  16. That's not how skills work.there is no crit for skills, you simply add the kids and compare

  17. Just omitting a class feature is usually not a good way to handle things.

  18. Jsow because the jf-17 has really good ones.

  19. Saw this thread,that was absolutely not paint

  20. Possibly, they are confusing normal paint with the old Dynasty paint, which was banana scented... not flavored.

  21. A slight condolence after being shot in the mouth

  22. Speaking out of turn here but I would get the m90. Chromed barrel and adjustable gas block. The WBP 556s have nitride barrels made by WBP, not FB RADOM like their 7.62 counterparts. Also some guys on the AKfiles have been complaining about gassiness. Just my 2 cents

  23. Pretty sure wbp makes their barrels on the same machines.

  24. I'm not sure I just heard that they weren't made by FB radom anymore or at least for the 5.56.

  25. As far as I know they share lots of random components but the barrels are all made with tech from Steyr.

  26. Paintball was a fad from about 1998 to 2008. It experienced a period of unsustainable growth followed by a bust. It continues to decline largely due to the baggage it carried with it from the fad years, particularly the predatory marketing of junk guns and bad fields to kids.

  27. It's a target shooting range being set up at a big jamboree. You cannot actually play paintball at any Scouting event. Shooting anything at a human is a big no-no there.

  28. As someone who has worked for the BSA in a strange sub contractor sort of way, while still working for them. They are a shady bunch, with shady people, while also shorting the kids on achievements in order to avoid liability suits.

  29. It's much worse than the su-27, it's just heavier with no redeeming qualities aside.from carrier ops.

  30. ooh okay. I always thought it to have more powerful engines, too.

  31. Not as far as I know, but I could be wrong.

  32. Fake Radom Ak, made in the town of Radom not the factory, USA manufacturing marketing gimmick

  33. It's more likely to get hit, and might have some other modifiers that make it a bit worse off.

  34. Why are you being down voted for providing the link that was cited and calling KUSA out for shenanigans 🤣

  35. Because someone already posted the exact handguard they're using and this guy is wrong.

  36. I'll go against the grain. Its kind of worth it. If you buy a tula kit, right now, that's a 1400-1800$ kit. factor in build cost and a receiver and it's not far off from this.

  37. This comment hurts only cuz you’re correct. Glad I bought mine before these prices went cray-cray

  38. Personally I would rather have it built by someone I know rather than PSA with an unknown receiver.

  39. It looks kinda shit, but in a way, that's how an AK that isn't trying to be modern should look.

  40. Nah this is fake, it's a two stroke motor, which would seize up.

  41. Probably the same. Making the gun more expensive doesn't make it better.

  42. I didn't like it at all, let alone great...

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