Circus Bear attacks handler

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  1. Good, best show the bear ever did. Good for the bear.

  2. Animal aggression is not breed specific. Targeting a breed does not protect you from all dogs. The law should be about controlling your chosen animal. A chihuahua can blind or mame a child. Maybe that's not as horrific as these powerful animals, but nothing you would want a human being to go through. This woman should go to jail and the dogs should be put down. You should be held accountable more than monetarily if you choose to own animals you can not control and they harm or kill something or someone. That could have been a human being, even a child they chose to attack. And secondly, that's why my cats stay inside.

  3. No interstate trafficking is a federal felony... if u get caught

  4. Certified has refunded me before on sour diesel cart that tasted awful took a little while but just email them they will probably refund but still that suxs.......

  5. I didn't say that. Came here to post and warn others. That's it. Typical reddit. Attack the other posters...

  6. Dayton has more products available than monore they got the 6 day powder at dayton location if that helps any

  7. Never heard of either one of those but love grow ohio's oil....

  8. I normally love gassy weed, and have yet to find a gassy luster pod except maybe the motherbreath by klutch - but honestly the taste of the klutch pods never impressed me, finally a GASSY AF luster pod with SUPERSTAR GENETICS easily worth the drive to Herbology newark from cbus for 47$ out the door. They’re also always so nice there even when they are busy!

  9. Love to hear it u had me at Chem dawg sour diesel not ony that grow ohio knows how to make oil....

  10. I've had Larry and lemon and the banana banana was least favorite if that helps....

  11. Bloom medicinal in seven mile will hold to the end of the day thier pricey though

  12. I am a terpene fiend and have been seeking out specific strains based on Terps for over 2 years now. I have yet to see anything with borneal even in the top 10 terps listed, and only a few companies even test to that level and show you. OCL, POW brand, Galenas, Klutch. Good luck with that one. That’s like searching for Delta 3 Carene or Phytol as a dominant terpene. It’s just not active in high numbers in any strains I have ever seen. It’s just not a terp that seed geneticists try and draw out through cross breading and the like. There just is not enough studies that have been done on that terpene for there to be any work done on it. The market is just starting to understand the benefits of cbg and cbn, linalool, thc vs cbd, effects of myrcene on other Terps, etc. Good luck, happy hunting. Keep a journal as you may find a strain and terp profile that works for joint/inflammation pain relief. That’s where caryophyllene and things like cbn and cbg can really be helpful.

  13. Cresco singes my throat. Also certified is Ohio exclusive and outta Dayton. Support local

  14. I agree if product is same quality I try to buy ohio certified has fire flower but some inconsistencies on bud quality but when buds r good they compete with any one in program imo.....

  15. Just got some lemon dosidos yesterday buckeye relief putting out good flower super sour orange is a nice daytime strain I really like sundae driver as a daytime strain

  16. Triple chocolate chip pod from grow ohio flower wise I really like sherbhead icc from klutch animal face Woodward can't ever find though certified cultivators youforia dirty little secret and certified cake which is same strains as klutchs ice cream cake r just a few off top of my head ocl has some good flower to but r hard to find on sale n I always buy sales....

  17. Kings mustache is legit from the taste to the indica effects one of the better strains in the program 👏 👌

  18. Had kings mustache once very quality strain very flavorful nice indica effects......

  19. As of now it just appears they weren't fully tested. I'm pretty sure they didn't actually fail for anything yet. I wouldn't be surprised if they end up passing

  20. Can u still return if open n u do get ur money back

  21. I'd assume you should be able to. When all the leaking extracts we're going around they sent a newsletter out telling dispensaries the only time they're required to refund is recalled products. So you should get your days an Money back. If not I'd contact the State

  22. Apricate it ur info on here helps me out all the time ur very informative 👌 👍 👏

  23. I’m fairly new to the program, how exactly do you use this?

  24. YouTube dabbing marijuana concentrates or Google it but u need a dab rig or puff co etc..... thiers alot of different options depending on how much u wanna spend..

  25. Nyc chem ancient roots Larry og ocl truffletini certified cultivators king's mustache buckeye relief I think alot of it is the flower is so dry I use the humidity packs n wait a week to bring stickiness back

  26. Defensive exhausted chargers o line spanked us n our offensive was a joke other than 3rd qtr but it's nfl ur going lose let's beat the bears next week though

  27. Never see ocl anymore but they have good quality product.....

  28. I’ve run through 5 of these and love them. I like these cured resin carts better than their live resins for sure. These things hit hard. Only downside is they are .5gs and go fast. Would love to see a 1g (at a decent price).

  29. Yeah, I tend to avoid the half gram tanks unless they’re really marked down. I just had to try at least one of these since I’d heard nothing but good things about em.

  30. I get it heard really good things might have to check out myself...

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