1. Nothing can shoot that high otherwise it would have been done over Montana for sure

  2. Don't give him any ideas lol

  3. But it also kinda means the opposite?

  4. Doesn't look like there's fighting going on, though. The guy is not in an appropriate stance to hit the dragon or defend himself, so it's clearly depicting a sword getting enchanted by dragon fire.

  5. First guy to die trying to get his quel serrar made

  6. Miaaaaa. Not gonna let such a fantastic experience end so quickly. There are - how you say - hacks

  7. Margaret thatcher naked on a cold day!

  8. Ol paperhands portnoy at it again

  9. It's supposed to be hard at some point holy shit

  10. So much spinny on the floor. Good spinny, bad spinny.

  11. Demonology Warlock comes to mind. Their whole spec is so busy and has 1000 things going on. It's great.

  12. At certain points demo locks have their own raid team

  13. Yep. Then police stop showing up. Then things get real interesting.

  14. Spicy Friday incoming! Grab a cheek with each hand and hold tight!

  15. I'm guessing you won't have to worry about it much longer.

  16. Anakin not really. He was either conceived by Plagieus/Sidious through some "power to create life" shenanigans, or he was created by the Force itself.

  17. Or his mom lied. Which happens.

  18. It actually was “Rey Palpatine” that made me go “Okay, this is officially the worst movie of the decade,”

  19. I liked the ending. You know, the part where it was over.

  20. Who knows what sort of information they are looking for while they try to bait a response. It's all spy games and any info they can gather is good info. Even a media response gives them some information.

  21. They are here on Reddit right now, nodding approvingly and jotting down notes on a napkin.

  22. Stop bulding houses in the middle of the desert where nobody has any business living. Stop growing crops where nobody has any business farming. Pretty simple.

  23. ESO has a nearly identical system that’s been out for 2? years? If it’s any indication, we should see some “bank breaking” items that take months to have saved up for.. eventually

  24. Yep. If there aren't super expensive things to get people pumped about then what's the point?

  25. Going to college is no guarantee of making a comfortable living.

  26. Let's just wait for the test results, ok?

  27. I'm kinda slow. Can someone explain why Bobby is pumping on Bankruptcy. Could GME do the same thing?

  28. The only ones pumping the bankruptcy for sure is the same MSM bullshit salesman we all know and love to hate.

  29. Just another green day. Till it's not.

  30. There's a cat ripping the wing off this plane!

  31. A new engine or transmission can be upwards of ten grand just fyi

  32. I mean… I’d rather it was this instead of taking away civil liberties and banning books in schools

  33. Taylor swift ticket prices are a real problem?

  34. Drive slower! Dont pay any attention to what everyone else is doing. You go as slow as you feel comfortable.

  35. Tracking down MSM shills and calling out their bullshit to make sure they never work again seems like a fun hobby.

  36. Not trying to be a downer. Proceeds to be a downer.

  37. How dare she have the gall to communicate a grievance directly with her neighbor. Thank goodness we are more civilized now and handle all disagreements passive aggressively through a angsty social media posts.

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