1. That's like a game costing 500-1000€ in western Europe.

  2. qBittorent built in search function anyone?

  3. couldn't he just buy rickshaw they use in India and Melaka?

  4. "They've never been apart for more than a second" thanks Captain Obvious

  5. They are overplaying his gestures/mannerisms try to look like him, while IRL it's not that strong.

  6. The processing of high mega pixel photos is currently impossible for an sdcard.

  7. even if it were truth you can save it temporarily to infernal storage before moving to SD

  8. Yeah, unsure why I got voted down. I read it from Samsung one day as to why 100mp+ cameras on phones don't come with built in sdcard slots. I'm not saying if it's good or not, just letting people know what Samsung said about the missing sdcard slot on their high end phones.

  9. Not really; first, because of export tariffs, most US trucks are not made in Europe and aren’t economical to import. Only crap trucks like the Hilux and ranger are available, at a high cost.

  10. My 1 message was starting of the thread. Where? You aggressive af for no reason. You personally offended by jokes against Peugeot or what? Or you just simply cannot fight your mental issues?

  11. sort all comments chronologically and find the very first comment, if you are dumb even to do that then believe whatever nonsense you found in Google with zero reading comprehension

  12. the 5th looks like slimmer younger version of Die Hard cop

  13. Honestly I don't. The circumstances could very easily occur with a crazy person and someone decent at keeping them calm. The police might be told not to draw weapons around politicians, I dunno. Normally in most circumstances the police would have drawn their guns (but that might be just bias from seeing bad outcome videos) but we have to assume they didn't in this case because it was the Pelosi house.

  14. i don't have any burden, my country never had colonies, slavery or caste system

  15. in czech word for peace (in this context) and room is same, so this translated to czech can either mean rest in peace or rest in (the) room

  16. Why do it in the first place and why do it with pants down on the toilet while someone else is filming

  17. It's one of my irrational fears, like water so murky/brackish that you can't see the bottom or have any clue whats in there.

  18. well I'd say it's quite rational in all these scenarios to not trust these things, you don't want to test whether the pressure sensor is not broken right now, because it certainly can happen

  19. I've seen final destination 2. This is a whole ass nope from me

  20. it's safer than regular elevator, each top part of door frame has pressure sensor to disable lift if something is stuck there

  21. There was that horrible Ryan Gosling movie that had some cool driving scenes if I remember right. “Driver” I think was the name

  22. Drive, it's quite decent movie, simple plot, nice visuals and music, decent action

  23. cars were luxury items in communist countries, so obviously you got worse VFM, this ain't adjusted for purchasing power

  24. I speak polish, and I don't know any Russian. But for some reason the Russian did sound like gibberish to me? Is it becuase the languages are sort of similar or is it just because I was tricked into thinking this because of when he spoke English and I knew that he was speaking gibberish?

  25. because you are more familiar with Slavic languages you are better able to detect gibberish, it's closer to your mother tongue, same could apply for native speaker of each presented language

  26. well no, there were definitely some words like Inshallah, but yeah most of it was gibberish

  27. fake, that's not how it works in freezing conditions, this guy clearly added water for the effect

  28. saw already and I don't think it's really drama about money issues, main characters didn't have issues, their greedy neighbors did, it's good movie (although a bit long for the story), but doesn't fit what I'm looking for

  29. SS: I wanted to know more about Jordon Trishton Walker. So I Googled him, maybe find a LinkedIn or something along those lines. They're scrubbing everything.

  30. you should use Brave Search, Yandex or other less censored search engines

  31. startpage has same censored results as Google, they literally use Google

  32. When I hear people say “It’s just the flu.” :dizzy_face:

  33. It’s helps prevent the spread if all wear a mask. Same idea as vaccines. Bunch of wimps.

  34. Damm. I just quit eating pork. I read that pigs are one of the most intelligent animals on the planet 😭

  35. it's a myth, they are very stupid compared to dolphins or corvids

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