To report about the World Cup in Qatar

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  1. Tell me again that COVID wasn’t designed and used to control the population.

  2. COVID wasn’t designed and used to control the population.

  3. Also hands behind the back and standing to attention.

  4. Excuse me uh, don't be alarmed, me being the Loch Ness monster, do you know where I'd be going?

  5. I’m not sure I want to go out with an idiot.

  6. Finally I don’t have to take my apples and cucumbers to the dry cleaners anymore.

  7. It’s so hilariously ironic that their response to someone reporting about their abuse and fascism is ”we’ll put a stop to this forcibly!”

  8. As a non-American can you explain this?

  9. You gotta kick the doohickey past the dingleflop and if it’s first down then it’s match point.

  10. I could care less about people saying “I could care less”.

  11. The wig, the glasses, the catchphrase. Brilliant.

  12. To boldly blow where no one has gone before.

  13. Don’t call be a plonker, you ff’nn wanker!

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