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  1. Surgery. But if you meant the character, yea main roster stuff lol

  2. I think we'd all like to have been a fly on the wall back at the Gorilla position when they all walked back through the curtain to see their reaction to the segment...

  3. Hell yea! Have to see that footage 😂 WWE usually have their cameras rolling consistently lol

  4. Aah fuck this reminds me of Kurt Angle with his damn cowboy hat lmao. That dude was goofy as hell.

  5. Kayfabe’s been long gone, mate. If he’d done that, it would’ve been cool lol

  6. And The (other) Best Man is on the far right.

  7. Where can we watch this shit at when it drop lol.

  8. Not sure what platform or station. But I really do wanna make the premiere lol

  9. I believe it’s supposed to be on a new network called Coastal Reign TV. However, the initial battles for the battlers trying to get a spot in the house will be released to YouTube.

  10. I’ve seen Costal Reign TV as far a partner for it. Figured it’d be on cable tv. But the content probably would be against TV restrictions.

  11. Not a fan of it one bit. Please don’t compare this to anything else like movies, or things that consist of “scripts”. Battle Rap is totally different.

  12. I just love how Liv is so fucking hot without even trying to be hot. She is just herself and thats enough. I love women like that.

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