1. All of these are excellent pest control and great pollinators.

  2. Honeybees and bumblebees are cool. They can stay.

  3. All of them are more usefull for the ecosystem than cats, dogs and humans.

  4. Climate change affects our native insects and pollinators, and this is why we should fight to protect them. With the exception of invasive wasps and honeybees, which are hurting native pollinators. Those traps target plenty of native wasps, flies and bees, while avoiding non-native honeybees. We aren’t getting anywhere with hate and fearmongering and false information.

  5. European hornets have been on the US for more than 150 years.

  6. Its probably the part where it says "pterodactyl"

  7. Que puto Amo es ese árabe. Tiene pinta de ser to majo.

  8. It doesn't have the intelligence to know what happened to it. There's nothing to be afraid of, it's just walking.

  9. He will have a horrible life. And since it won't molt again there is no way it can fix its wounds.

  10. Yes, he measures the ball's weight. And by comparing it with how much they weighted some days ago when (the last time the donkey cummed) he can measure the time

  11. I have had 10 snails, 2 fishes, 1 parrot, 3 geckos, 1 lizard, 4 katydids, 4 ant colonies, 1 celar spider and 2 praying mantis.

  12. You think you’d learn your lesson after the ninth snail.

  13. I was a 5 year old. LMAO, i usually took care of them for 1 month until they started getting smelly and we had to set them free.

  14. funny how yall always bring up scandinavia to defend capitalism... but you don't see anyone bringing up latin america, africa or asia to defend it. of course it is going to work in scandinavia, they weren't explored by europe or the usa anyways :/

  15. Social democracy is an alternative to capitalism and communism.

  16. Crocs, don't do it in a noticable way. And the scaly legs of birds don't shed like snakes and lizards.

  17. I find it hilarious, that there are some people that think that a Pitbull or a Kangal could beat a leopard in a fight

  18. The Pit will be dumb enough to continue fighting until it dies despite getting torn apart due to its genetics

  19. Why have i seen 3 hammerhead worms post in one day?

  20. Kill it, dissolve it in vinegar. These (the black and yellow one aka the hammerhead worm) worms are incredibly dangerous for people and pets as well as the ecosystem, they produce the type of toxin found in pufferfish (tetradotoxin) which can put anyone in the hospital.

  21. Ah, i knew about the T.rex but i didn't know they had released other Tyrannosaurids

  22. I think there was a similar one with Edmontosaurus and Orthocone, right?

  23. We are going back in time to the first God of War to take the intro sequence OFF the development

  24. Which country is it known as “oso lavador” in? I’m Spain they’re referred to exclusively as “mapaches”

  25. I think its more of an older, now less used name. Or maybe more used in scientific context.

  26. Raccoons aren’t actually closely related to bears. They belong to the same order (Carnivora) but so do cats and dogs. From there, they have different family, genus, species.

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