Jim you’re not supposed to know about the inverse cramer

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Why is no one talking about how Gary Gensler greenlighted the Wall Street Mafia to steal 35 trillion dollars from pensions?

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  1. If you bought around oct/nov/dec yeah its been almosr 3 years of this crap

  2. Medallion is what you want. Credit union is the place Probably good to move your money to a credit union.

  3. So Kim Kardashian gets a hefty fine, Martha Stewart goes to jail and coke rat who has been influencing stock prices on national TV for decades cries out for the SEC to what? Prosecute 300,000 individual investors?

  4. In case you have forgotten the significance of 741 this link is a good reminder why RC keeps putting 741 everywhere.

  5. Then there's the bankruptcy code title 741 for brokers

  6. Looking forward to that little prick crying for mercy.

  7. Take it somewhere else, “Freedom” fighter.

  8. I do have more trust in Fidelity than I do most other brokers, but nahhhh I'm DRSing regardless of their policy. That shit can change on a moments notice and you won't be notified until after it happens. Fuck that noise. DRS

  9. It's been posted 20 times already and mod deleted because apes of one political ideology cherry picked some data while ignoring more damming data in the same report.

  10. Damn, could have saved 69 hours of reading by reading this in 30 seconds!

  11. So basically MOASS will be payed for by everyone's pentions and Ken Griffin will keep his art, yachts and mansions?

  12. I missed the discussion. I also think I was the only one who submitted this as a question for the Jon Stewart interview

  13. They see what's coming and need liquidity in the event of member default.

  14. Important to note that here, "the Vatican" refers to the Vatican bank, i.e. the Institute for the Works of Religion, i.e. the central bank that was established in exchange for the Papal States in 1942.

  15. In what way does this help us understand what's happening with Credit Suisse? You see my point? It doesn't. This article is about the Vatican's money.

  16. CS collapsing is just one of MANY that could be the final jenga block.

  17. Yeah. We should take over SNL and make it remotely funny

  18. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=sec%20video%20meme%20stocks&ko=-1&iax=videos&ia=videos&iai=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3Dav3k_lcGm9g

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