1. Why didn't Ulfric pull it down himself? It's not like he had his arms tied behind his back.

  2. He has a bdsm fetish, it’s his only weakness. He simply doesn’t have the willpower to remove the one thing that brings him joy

  3. That… explains a lot about his relationship with Elenwen, now that I think about it

  4. Would it be too much to ask for instant text speed?

  5. Has anyone ever gotten or heard of someone getting a shiny starter without breeding or trading? Just curious if that was possible.

  6. How can I tell the difference between the Sinistea forms?

  7. I started with an advance and gold/silver. The first gameboy I saw was a gameboy color. To me, old is the Atari.

  8. Doggone, I'm only 10 years younger than the Atari. You made me feel real old right there 😂

  9. Maybe, but it is a level 75, and I caught it with a team that, at the time, averaged high 30s low 40s.

  10. I can take it out of your hands if you want to relive from this burden

  11. So, I have been trying to get to where I can try for the Cinderace event. Well, I just fought a 4 blue star grass type Gyarados, and my whole team got blown out. I'm a little less optimistic about getting Cinderace now.

  12. Why are you getting mad at such a silly comment? Are you really that hurt about it?

  13. I'm not hurt about it. I'm just tired of almost everything nowadays being hypersexualized. It is really annoying. Not everything has to have a sexual connotation to it.

  14. Okay but clearly you are since if you weren’t, something like this wouldn’t bother you that much.

  15. You are aware that you can stand for something without being offended or hurt, right?

  16. LF: Violet exclusives Columns 1 and 2 are Japanese. Column 3 is Korean. Column 4 is German. Column 5 is Chinese. DM me.

  17. One of the cards says something about attacking all of the opponent’s elves… lol

  18. Lol, I can make out the words. That's funny af.

  19. Definitely! I’ve been playing since launch since it takes me so long to get through with a couple hours here and there but it’s so fun. Not to mention it’s just gorgeous to look at and runs so smooth.

  20. I haven't had any issues with the games. Sure, there is the clippines at a distance, but this is hardly the first switch game I have seen that in.

  21. The fact that the placeholder pokeball made it past QA testing is ridiculous enough but this is something else.

  22. They must have went to the Bethesda School of QA testing.

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