Is my 20 year old still worthy of Eyebleach? All he wants to do is cuddle these days

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  1. I wonder how long it took the photographer to get this shot.

  2. I don't think that's really the responsibility of a zoo.

  3. Tell us about the homeless people you are currently taking care of.

  4. Hmmm, when did I say people should house them? I said it was everyone's responsibility to help care for them.

  5. I am planning on polling other places about this subject. This is near and dear to my heart because, as a child, this was the very first game I completed.

  6. Birdo is is next Pokémon. (Unofficially of course.)

  7. Where is the shipping (export) dock? Also, why is the zone in the shipping (export) room general. It seems to me that that could cause clutter when it comes to shipping (exporting) finished product.

  8. It looks good at a first glance, but imo some of ur move sets don’t line up with the Ev’s and Pokémon. For example, mega char x usually runs a phys build with dragon dance, but special build? I mean it’s fine I guess but if that’s the case u rlly don’t want to be running blaze kick. Same thing with cinderace, a phys Pokémon running flamethrower instead of gunk shot? The moltres build also kinda confuses me, no defog, and not using it for its wall capabilities? Last big thing is the earthquake on heatran. Like, pls run earth power instead it’s earthquake but special and heatran runs it so much better. Try looking up viable sets for ur Pokémon on smogon or some other forum. The Pokémon aren’t bad, but the move sets and mixed evs are all outta wack. Fix ‘em and you’ll have a pretty good mono team on ur hands.

  9. This may be a dumb question but how can you tell if it's full odds and what is full odds?

  10. Wait, hold up. Is there a site for this? Drop link. SNES is the goat.

  11. It's a motivational saying from my time in the USMC.

  12. No but I make a mean crayon smoothie

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