Osiris GOATED!

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  1. If only I could bury my face in there.

  2. Love the hairy pussy. Oh the things I would do to you.

  3. Well I could go into detail but I'd rather not because I know it would only be a dream. Damn you sexy af!

  4. Incredible how some people don't even think. Completely unnecessary.

  5. I think they should bring back turkey red instead of all the other stuff they are doing.

  6. OMG!!! I have never seen a more perfect pair! I wish I was your boy toy! I would treat you like the goddess you are!

  7. I got you beat...I am waiting on a diamond kings redemption from 2020.

  8. 2020 lol... I just got a couple redemptions a few weeks or a month or so ago that I redeemed in 2011 and 2013. The cards were not of the players redeemed either. Also they were not from those years. 2018 and 2019 were the years for the cards they sent me. What a joke of a company.

  9. Lol just saw your post after I replied to someone else. I had this happen recently as well. 2 cards from 2013......sent me absolute trash cards with one being like 2 decades old. Not even like 2018-19 scrub player.

  10. They did you worse then me sounds like. Fuck Panini!

  11. Jumped in her video more like she turned the camera to face him or he would have never been in it duh!

  12. I'd say you would have to pay me to take that card lol. Looks like you got a 10 doll hair binder also.

  13. Those years are wrong btw. Gen X should be '65 to '80. Not sure on the others but if one is not correct I would assume so are the others.

  14. I don't know but I wish I had the money to afford Immaculate. gg

  15. You're handwriting looks fine. I've seen a lot worse illegible even from ppl with no issues lol. You could try bracing your writing hand with the other or put a finger on your wrist and steady it while writing.

  16. That’s a good idea, I’ve never thought of that. I’ll be trying that out ❤️

  17. Beaut of a card. My favorite wrestler ever. Unfortunately never pulled an auto of his though. gg

  18. Spank my ass and call me Sally! Woooooo weeee that's a doozy of a card.

  19. I wonder where that design is on the outfit because you can't visibly see any. Must be the pants because it doesn't even look like the same fabric and color as the shirt.

  20. Since you obviously opened a package that wasn't urs which is a federal offense btw my suggestion is take the card out and credit card ur girl. If she smells then RJ prolly just dominated her right in the tush!

  21. Card colors look off bud. Might be fake tbh. Good luck.

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