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  1. Is that a custodes dreadnought based off of the space crusade dread?

  2. It is, though I still need to finish the base. It would have worked well with any chapters colours tbh, as there's just some Latin inscriptions and some iconography that is fairly neutral, but the curves reminded me of the Forge World Custodes tanks so opted to go with their colours and use it as a proxy Contemptor (albeit a short one πŸ‘€ so I just pretend it's taller for rules sake)

  3. NC is not bad, aside from bow armor being weak-ish. I do hate the fact that she is in that tech tree line, when Colorado should be. NC was the first of the "fast" type battleships that eventually led to Iowa. Whereas Colorado was last of the "standard" type, which the "Tillman" designs ( basis for Kansas) were a continuation of.

  4. It is really weird, they're both very clearly odd for the tech trees they're in and would be perfect fits if swapped. Don't understand why WG did that.

  5. What a morally bankrupt person Zahawi is. This is the most sickening excuse I have ever heard to deny nurses a pay rise.

  6. It's because a large chunk of the population are racist idiots, who will vote for whoever says "immigrants are bad". Even if said political party is screwing over the vast majority of the population.

  7. So they're playing the ship correctly (or at least one of its playstyles) and that annoys you. Doesn't make them cowards though. BBs who reverse to the back corners, afraid to get their paint scratched are the worst offenders imo, I'm a BB main and it's frustrating seeing others go and hide, making their ships near useless.

  8. Hey! I don't play Tau, but reddit showed me this post. As a mediocre painter who really enjoys painting, here's my advice:

  9. Great Post, point 3 especially is something people really do need to remember. That bit of paint that went half a millimetre over a bit of trim isn't visible at all unless you're squinting at the model up close which no one else likely will be doing.

  10. The headsets with magnifiers and LEDs on them are a life saver and are cheap on amazon, they're great in general but help alot if your eyes struggle with small details.

  11. Buddy, you don't stop being young in 2 years.

  12. It looks fantastic! The marble is especially impressive, mind sharing how you achieved that effect? For the eyes, if you have a small enough brush and a steady enough hand, you could try adding pupils to make it look more natural. Though what you have is kind of a magical glowing eye thing which is pretty cool as is.

  13. Sorry its taking me a while to get back to you, daughters birthday so it's been hectic, as soon as I have time though I'll post the method, might be a couple of hours

  14. Wait, she’s got legs? I thought she was all snakey in AoS?

  15. It's not the same. Whilst severe asthma is awful, it really isn't the same.

  16. Nor have you, you're still typing. I've been hospitalised with Asthma before. It isn't the same.

  17. The girl in black with the glasses, who looks like she's really enjoying the drama, and the couple next to her, with the girl looking very dramatic and the guy looking very nonchalant, make this a brilliant photo. Lots of varied emotions on display but those 3 definitely stand out.

  18. I don't have one, not a voice at least, in my mind I end up visualising things instead of a voice discussing them or whatever happens there.

  19. How do you choose what words to say, lets say when you have to comfort someone so you have to pick your words wisely?

  20. Not the words by themselves, but the conversation itself, the room etc, imagine duplicate versions of the entire situation playing out in my head, like if you were watching a programme/show of it, then pick the best fitting one and hope for the best I guess. If I don't know the person at all, and can't roughly predict their responses as a result, then I have to revert to doing the thing where you reword what people said to you in a way that conveys that you agree/understand but that always feels very impersonal. Works well enough though. I think sometimes people just need to vent and have someone listen, nod and not judge basically.

  21. always count on blue team to make sure good starts dont translate into good finishes, nice shot regardless, could've sneezed and it would've been a :2968:

  22. Pretty much πŸ˜… I think I only did about another 40k damage with my next salvo, got sunk due to the blue thinking it was bumper cars and somehow still topped the team 🀦 (loss obviously)

  23. I both loved and hated that old metal beast. Such fun to paint but my god you had to use the same weight in superglue, epoxy, nails, magnets, clamps. I swear the demon within decided it couldn't be stuck together for more than 5 seconds.

  24. Yeah they're a pain and the gaps around the top of the neck and the exhausts are a nightmare too.

  25. Vanguard, but I initially got it very early on and it's seen a buff or two since then which likely explains why I enjoy it alot now.

  26. What exactly did you use for the barbed wire? That Looks great all around!

  27. Army painter razor wire, wrapped around a tooth pick for the coils, then dipped in citadel Agrax earthshade, then some citadel cryptek armour shade

  28. It's a traitor Legio warlord so that's a really good one for it πŸ‘

  29. As a Legio Atarus player, I have to hate that it's Mortis. As a fellow hobbyist, I appreciate the Adeptus Titanicus content.

  30. Thanks :) If I could paint bone/cream colours well I might have opted for Atatus myself, really love their colour scheme.

  31. I suppose I ought to finish up my own warlord and post it. It's been sitting half-painted on a shelf for like over a year now, since we have like a whole two Titanicus players around here.

  32. I'd like to see it sometime πŸ‘ that's unfortunate as its a really good game, I'm constantly trying to convert people it πŸ˜…

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