1. Not disagreeing, but after 2pac got shot 5 times and lived everything changed, he became obsessed with the idea that biggie and the crew shot him thus he became more vocal bringing more eyes.

  2. I completely agree with you. It wasn't a dig at 2pac in the slightest. I grew up listening to his music and there will probably never be another person that's talented like him but his ego was enormous. There's no telling what psychedelics could have done to his outlook on life and the way he interacted with his fellow man. Who knows though hindsight is 20 20 and it could have gone either way.

  3. Weird art because Tupac has no association with psychedelia whatsoever.

  4. His ego was massive . Maybe if he took psychedelics he would still be alive

  5. Also change your special ability to head look. You can look behind you without turning

  6. Of course they jump in once it's clear she won't be winning this fight. Cowards

  7. Natural selection at its finest. Gotta love Darwin!!!

  8. Let's never forget, all this started because some young girl had her head covering on slightly wrong and grown men beat her to death for it.

  9. And people are crying over Twitter. The world we live in is so fucked up. There are people living in seriously horrific conditions whilst we in the west fabricate more bullshit to be upset with. I'm sick of our society

  10. I don’t find it funny. I think it’s way too soon and they’re not trying to lighten the mood, they’re mocking victims of a hate crime. So no, it’s not funny.

  11. A joke is a joke. Why does everyone gets so fucking offended at words???

  12. Buddy knew he fucked up from that judo throw

  13. What if this was a husband catching his wife? The world would be outraged

  14. Used to love sabotaging the hunts near me. Disgusting people. Keep up the good work and make sure to get that cunt put behind bars for attempted murder and hit and run.

  15. Wow this mods so cool. They even remove speech they disagree with. They also generalize a whole sex based on there own fucked up world view.

  16. The small giggle broke the camel's back in a fantastic way.

  17. So crazy. Almost as crazy as that video of the kwik-stop clerk getting hit in the face with a sledge hammer. Both videos are shocking.

  18. If you put it back into the original container with pure naptha it's probably more dense hence why it is on the bottom (I'm guessing the more yellow looking liquid is the leftovers). Not 100% sure but it would explain that.

  19. Dude that's definitely just a bird /s

  20. Except for in the court systems. You know like family court ?

  21. This is exactly my reality. I chose my much older husband, and he called himself a feminist, but when it came to/comes to actual division of labour and power, he upholds his positions.

  22. You getting alimony payments? Did you receive custody? What about the house you live in?

  23. Oh don't worry-- I don't do shit for them. "They will be in big trouble once women stop doing it for free." Here here!

  24. It's not for free if they put a roof over your head and food in your stomach. Everything comes at a price

  25. Run monument puzzles to get bps and guns. Maybe learn how to run oil rig as guns are pretty much a garetee

  26. Get the rust console discord. It has a countdown

  27. It's the rust way. Never trust a fellow Rustian

  28. At approximately 11 seconds you can see it turn on its side. That's not a web. It's cylindrical

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