1. I have played 52 matches and received no shaders. However, dismantling Iron Will and Iron Fellowship armor from engram focusing gave me Iron Mossbone and Iron Strength, respectively.

  2. Destiny’s gunplay is infinitely better than any of the 343 Halos, including Infinite.

  3. Is that actually true? and infinitely better? for all the shit infinite copped, halo gunplay has always felt solid

  4. 100%; Destiny 2 (on PC at least, where I play) arguably has the best gun play out there. Obviously has a lot more moving parts as well, but the game feels excellent to play especially considering it’s age. Infinite with MnK is terrible. 343 just can’t get it right

  5. I havent even got an email, and if I did I didnt see it.

  6. I've been playing all afternoon solo in the flawless pool. I have 13 wins and two crappy smgs to show for it. Pretty frustrating to be honest.

  7. I turned my card in after rolling 2 turds, have one with Hammer/Alloy/Keep Away/Target Lock; said this is close enough aha

  8. Play until it becomes second nature, really.

  9. I play on the lowest volume settings and honestly, I don’t feel like I miss anything. Underrated advice.

  10. I've carried a few casual friends to their flawless title, and in return they have helped me get some GM loot.

  11. Agreed, carrying clan mates who aren’t into PVP and got the title for it. Feels nice!

  12. Colin mourning Jenny, so hurtful. Barry’s scene at the lake…just brilliant and heartbreaking all at the same time. I honestly thought he stole this movie with this scene

  13. Everything? Should do a quick run through video of all cosmetics like sparrows, ships, ghosts. Etc. I have pages of multiple seasons I took a break from where I can’t even preview what was available.

  14. First one also has impulse, which is top tier in PVP in my opinion. That would be my choice!

  15. Everybody out here wanting it for pve, I just want my pvp roll

  16. I’m going to farm this week for it simply because I need something to replace my beloved Memory Interdict; and Adept mods/stats are hard to pass up!

  17. I’m personally very partial to an adept Shayura’s. Have that and a Multimach and typically prefer Shayura’s.

  18. Any chance you'll be at the Greenville meetup in a couple weeks?

  19. Aw, well I have one that looks slightly better and you can just have it. I'll PM a couple pictures.

  20. Oh really? I’ll definitely toss you something for it!

  21. Its just a time skip for people who dont want to play through the campaign more than once. Its not like theyd get an unfair advantage. Totally fine by me.

  22. All I know is I’ll pick one up, easily my favorite mouse.

  23. This is a bad take on Ticuu. With the cat it is one of the highest DPS primary weapons in the game.

  24. Microsoft decided to hire/create a new studio called The Coalition, and they weren't passionate enough about the Gears of War franchise to take it to the next level. Rod Ferguson who worked heavily on Gears 1-3 was set to be the head of the Coalition Studios for Gears 4,5, and I'm assuming 6. But he ended up leaving after Gears 5 to take up another job as studio head....which I assume was because of how messy the direction of the franchise has gotten.

  25. The exact same thing happened to Halo with 343i, Microsoft creating these dedicated studios killed two of their largest franchises.

  26. I love my Blinding + Auto Loading + Chill Clip Lingering Dread

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