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  1. You have a lot of nice vertical space that's not being used. On either side of the fireplace and to the side of the bed. I'd look into some of those nicer Ikea-style wardrobes with the drawers. That way you will have everything stored away neatly rather than out on top like with the dressers. Some floating shelves might look nice above the radiator, too. Also, re hang the curtains higher on the wall and go with darker hardware for them. A less bulky bed would definitely help. And maybe a couple of nice end tables. The colors would lend themselves nicely to wicker if that's something you'd be open to.

  2. I went to an HBCU and one of only two Bs I got was in my speech class. When I asked the prof about how I could have done better (he routinely praised my writing and speaking and aced the exams) he told me that he never gives white students an A. He said that this lesson is often more valuable than the public speaking instruction. It was.

  3. So cozy and homey! Practically perfect in every way. Do you know of the copper tub is plumbed or is it decorative?

  4. Given the en suite doesn't have a shower or bath in it and the bath is shown on the floorplan I would assume it is plumbed in.

  5. Probably a safe assumption but still ciurious.

  6. I still do! That's one of my post migraine foods.

  7. And they make so much noise with their music and kids and arguments and barking dogs. The smells of their food and tobacco and perfumes and woodstoves. And they all talky talky talky and then they want to talk to me! Bah. It makes me nuts sometimes.

  8. Completed (not many): Xenoblade Chronicles 1-3, a couple of the Daganronopa series, My Time At Portia, Omori, Undertale, Skyrim (in as much as one is ever finished with it), Detroit Become Human, Stray, Yonder: The Cloudcatcher Chronicles,

  9. How long did you play BOTW? I feel like I had to play a bunch to get my stamina and hearts up to a reasonable level to take on enemies and get the master sword. It also took me a long time to get into the game, but I have a friend who loved it so that helped.

  10. I had full hearts and almost two wheels of stamina. Also had the Master Sword. I enjoyed the exploring and finding the korok seeds and doing most of the shrine puzzles. The Divine Beasts were too frustrating for me and there were far too many things trying to kill me. It was just exhausting rather than relaxing. I really did like the game, but it was just the far side of too challenging for me.

  11. Because, as the top comment says, “This feels like a historical painting.”

  12. So an addendum is what it takes to make something fit the parameters?

  13. It's not necessarily that I disagree. I just am not seeing how this fits a Renaissance idea and I was hoping for more information or to learn something. I apologize if I came across as hostile, that was not at all my intent.

  14. Relatable. I’m privileged enough to get woken up by songbirds instead of car horns and I don’t let the noise of the outside world in before 9am if I can help it. No tv, no music, and even when if I’m on Reddit it’s muted.

  15. Lol, he doesn’t bark a lot, thank goodness, but it’s the other noises that kills me, lol. He snores like a freight train.

  16. Hahahhaahah!! I had a pug decades ago...I remember the snoring pooch sounds.

  17. I grew up in Harpswell. I can smell this photo amd feel it on my skin. So homesick.

  18. And here I thought Sept Tours was impressive!

  19. Banana milk?? That sounds amazing! I didn't know that was a thing...hmmm...

  20. Yeah, that one freaked me out. I was so startled I didn't get any screen shots. Thanks for this!

  21. I know, my first thought was a dangly corner plant but I see OP sayin there are very high ceilings. Maybe if they had a very, very long plant holder haha

  22. Wouldn't even have to be that high, though. Some sculpture or other pieces on the window sill, anothe plant to anchor the other end of the sofa (especially if the get rid of the pouf as they mentioned elsewhere in the comments.

  23. Everything is all kind of the same height. It all just stops at the top of the sofa. Try to add some things that fill some of the higher places, even if it's just a few pieces on the window sills. The cushions don't really fit, but if they're your style that super! I wouldn't hate seeing that rug pulled out a bit more if there's enough extra under the sofa. All that being said, I adore this look and that sofa is scrumptious!

  24. Black bean Crunchwrap Supreme and/or Cheesy Bean and Rice Burrito.

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