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  1. That seems kind of worse to pawn off a violent animal to someone else, better to put down.

  2. Duh Karen, thems for the parents! They expect you to go thru the bag and take the good stuff first! Sheesh.

  3. Might be doing her a favor by moving out and forcing her into a smaller place to not take care of.

  4. My SIL is manipulative like that. If she's as crazy jealous as mine is, you better stay away from her when you get pregnant. My SIL tried to cause me to miscarry, doing all kinds of things to hurt me and stress me out, when it was a already a higher risk pregnancy. Best hurt was she got put in charge of my baby shower with everyone's permission I got no control, and then she forgot to invite anyone? Ow, that mostly empty room hurt, at least my mom invited some folks. I somehow got blamed for it at first, but then everyone was cool with her, like ah, she didn't mean it. Perfect victim every single time. Forget fake people like that, they've often no conscience, don't bother to explain it to them, they don't care about you, just put them outta your life. No contact now. So peaceful.

  5. Jesus, that’s beyond the generally maximum prescribed therapeutic dose by 40 percent!

  6. In Ohio, there's a ton of doctors that prescribe for addicts. Knew a gal who's doctor bumped up her script, knowing she was pregnant.

  7. I wish CPS removed my sister's and I when I tested positive with crack in my system as a newborn. It took over 3 years for them to remove us.

  8. CPS is sadly a joke, and often the foster parents are just differently worse than what you left, cause you're just a cash cow to most.

  9. Needs to go to a fish rescue! Poor thing is not a trophy to make up for lack in other areas.

  10. Maybe don’t have a baby if you can’t even afford a proper house. It’s unfair to bring people into this world disadvantaged. It ain’t your fault if you’re born poor, but it is if you stay poor yet try to live like you aren’t. Kids are a luxury

  11. I agree, except our country forces you to have babies you can't afford. Land of the free, or so the propaganda says.

  12. Do people in the States even feel safe? I'm Canadian, and while our healthcare system has major issues, especially these days, I don't have to worry about an injury or illness robbing me from my home or life due to medical costs.

  13. I don't feel safe, but I'm not worthy enough for other countries to want me. Help!

  14. I honestly have stopped recommending movies for fear of them being cancelled or hated on. Because that's literally what happens in this generation now.

  15. Nah, folks've been cancelling things for ages. Just be glad it's no longer by burning things at the stakes, stoning or beheading it.

  16. Ooo, bet it's the same crappy country I'm in! Best is even when you pay for it, it still screws you over.

  17. Looked like a kitty crime scene until I noticed the patterns...

  18. She's being honest, cops do abuse their power like that, they're just not supposed to rub it in our faces.

  19. The oddball capitalization of “Posts” and “Lawyer” set off an alarm, IMO.

  20. Probably thinks he's like a Messiah and his posts are like gospels. Did have a born-again moment recently, so mayhap. Interesting to see this is how he's using his second-chance at life, to threaten others.

  21. Sorry the adults couldn't control the companies to prevent them from destroying our planet. No worries about all the plastic particles in the water, you'll adapt I'm sure.

  22. There are lots of things wrong with this post. Being more concerned about birthday party obviously. But also, a newborn doesn’t have the wherewithal of holding his pee. He’s going to pee. And if it hurts, he’ll just cry after. More than likely, he’s not peeing because mothers milk hasn’t come in and he’s not hydrated.

  23. Think it's coming out wrong and that she's upset about missing her other kids party in lieu of the staying with the new baby and that her other kid will feel the hurt cuz they're likely still little enough to not understand why mommy is bailing on his party, and she's torn betwixt her kids. Since humans suck at words usually, it comes out canty instead of the true emotions. Or I keep giving folks the benefit of the doubt, but why not, the world is depressing enough as is.

  24. But why would you even plan a birthday dinner for when another baby is due? Kids don’t have a firm grasp on the calendar or care if you celebrate on an actual birthday vs a week later.

  25. Cause the other part of that is people can be stupid and hindsight is usually when that kinda reasoning kicks in. Pregnancy brain probably didn't help.

  26. Oof, she's gonna be mad about how it's the doctors fault after they fail to save the kid's life from one of her 'cures '.

  27. People post this shit with a name and location on public display why do we shield them from the much deserved public ridicule?

  28. Same reason why the saying snitches get stitches is like a pride worthy thing. It's a way to manipulate folks into thinking doing wrong is okay.

  29. I hope someone reported her. Stalking your neighbor is not ok.

  30. My neighborhood worries me. They seem to really embrace the hate.

  31. They do want to destroy living things. They’re just aware there are penalties.

  32. It's crazy how many folks are just thirsty looking for reasons to kill other folks. Yet then they oft go on about how godly they are.

  33. One more thing for them to be hypocrites about. Freedom of religion, but only if it's theirs.

  34. Have had fish with columnaris before, as long as you treat it and they're healthy enough overall, they can live for years afterwards. Though, you'll see the scar on their mouth for an ever. Good luck mate!

  35. If you're asking strangers, my gut says yes, hard mistake if you do it.

  36. Feels like Christians usually like being able to do evil things and just ask for forgiveness instead of working on being a better person. Christ died for their sins, and that they're born with sin is most of their beliefs, so many don't bother to try not to sin. Shoot, they didn't even try to help their savior, just watched him hang there. Even Christ at the end seemed to realize how messed up their creator was, just watching all the suffering instead of easing it. Then again, the book was written and rewritten by so many untold men over the history of time, so big grain of salt in taking anything seriously from the Bible.

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