1. He’s a gift Pokémon - the only thing you get free. There’s 1 or two trades. But he’s the only gift Pokémon.

  2. This is so ironic because I literally thought from the second I knew S/V was past and future pokemons porygon was instantly who I thought of for future.

  3. Wont all the apriballs be farmable after Home releases because you can just make a new nintendo profile to start a new SV game on, and easily transfer a living dex between the game and back into home?

  4. I don't know how home works. I'm og and noob. Went from red and blue to legends Arceus and now S/V.

  5. That has more value than any card I have even seen posted here. TRUE VALUE!!

  6. The other form is busted form. How do you not know this

  7. Everyone here seems a little slow. Disguised form. Then broken disguise form.

  8. God damn it I just made the connection with the significance of the names.

  9. The swirls change direction. Polywrath is in need of a paldean form or new form after paldea to compete with annihilape

  10. Yeah all artists have their own style. This one is all crochet. There are a couple usually per set

  11. Any game past 2010. You buy a fraction of the game to start then you have to buy multiple dlcs and or upgrade packs just to beat the game or unlock usable gear.

  12. You only catch with 1 ball. If anyone has caught a G bird with more than 1 ball that's amazing!

  13. And I can’t even get someone to send me the Violet exclusives from Area Zero -_-

  14. Keep the Canon going for sure. We could set up some trades if you need some stronger mons. Or a zard or Ace

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