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  1. I’d recommend just taking two weeks sick leave, will make such a difference to your stress levels

  2. That's strange, I've worked in tech for 17 years and all of the companies I worked for had no problem letting you step out for important stuff from time to time. We were just (and still are) required to put it on our calendars so they will know when to schedule meetings. Nine companies in total, so it wasn't just a fluke with one of them. Edit: typo.

  3. I also work in a tech company and they’re known for their “wellness” but tbh we’re giving really high targets. Would be good to know how others are managing this

  4. Would be much easier if you could tell us what l/100km your car is doing. Most cars have that function now. The answer would be easy knowing that key piece of information.

  5. Figure out what you're going to wear the next day the night before

  6. It's hard to see in this photo, so I found others. I can't seem to find this exact pendent, but there is a company that she seems to favor that have a lot of similar styles. Maybe it's a new piece coming out in the next campaign?

  7. I downloaded it but it doesn’t let me go through estates on my regular journey, am I using it wrong?

  8. Delivery driver here. Not sure how to wotd this. You need an actual map, like, an actual atlas. Even if you're not familiar with an area, you can scope roads out beforehand. Remember the road names, and force your GPS to do what you want. You see a rural road with low traffic? Does it link up with where you're going? Take that road 9/10, you'll beat traffic, GPS will usually correct itself for that route. Just learn to read a map, seriously.

  9. I did the same thing. It took about 5 working days to bounce back.

  10. It's dealt with by the interbank system, not the receiving bank.

  11. Chrishell, she’s got such a capsule wardrobe and pops of colour, you could wear what she wears in a lot of occasions. Christine has a lot of stand out outfits but I think they’re a bit too statement for me and can only be worn once really, not a huge fan of some of the outfits she’s worn (even though she’s gorgeous herself!)

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