1. Happy for you. I write research papers, essays, literally any academic kind of writing. Of course I will have a look at it and let you know if I can help. So if you ever feel stuck with an assignment, feel free to dm me.

  2. Guys spending obscene amounts on a first date are obviously overcompensating for something. If you're serious about the possibility of taking things to the next level, you should be realistic from the word go. Take her to a place within your budget, and if she asks for the most expensive food or drinks, take it as a redflag (she is there to use you and dump you). Mwanaume ni kusema 'hio drink iko na wenyewe' ukiona anaitisha vitu za ajab. Ladies are not dumb, they know when they're exploting you coz there is a level of spending you don't impose on someone you've just met.

  3. What if you take her to such a place, where your budget agrees but she drinks like a fish? Once met a mama who drank 15 or so, of those tusker light, that come double double. I almost clapped when she said she's good.

  4. This is kinda hard to gauge considering stigma when it comes to talking about these things. I also think it's more of a personality thing, if you are extroverted and seek out people in Kenya, you will do it there. If you are more socially anxious, you'll have the same problems anywhere.

  5. Exactly, socialization is a personality issue. That's why we have the two Kenyan-born ladies, one in Australia and the other in U.K. making it to parliament through a popular vote yet others are complaining about feeling isolated.

  6. 260k is a decent chunk of change in Kenya but minus tax and expenses kama rent, food, kids you won't have enough for 'numerous investments' and 'political will' (whatever that means). Especially in Nairobi.

  7. You guys joke too much. If you're talking kids you might as well talk about spouse who is also bringing an income. With 260k you net around 180k per month, less expenses and let's say you can 'save' 100k per month. I don't know what your idea of investment is, but that's money that can help you set your financial future in order if you're smart enough.

  8. The issue with fundamental GMOs is the use of ingredients which are harmful to the body. Introducing GMoOs has consequently create a weird food class.

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