1. I ran this deck when I was climbing to infinite. I used Aero, but I see you don't have her. I also used Shang-Chi and Enchantress for many matches, and I found the Enchantress to be more useful. I recommend giving each 10-20 matches to get a feel for usefulness.

  2. I got to rank 99 and 9 cubes 3 times before I finally hit infinite. It's not an easy feat if you're in pool 3 (and beyond).

  3. So if I am at like CL 2200 I should be really proud to be at 99 haha

  4. I feel that anyone at any CL at 99th should feel pretty good lol.

  5. People reeeeaaaally need to study economics in high school and college. It's a product aimed at people with high discretionary spending. If you think it's outrageous, that's perfectly reasonable... but there are people out there who buy Rolex watches and platinum spinner rims and coffee that is digested first and then pooped out. It's a wild world out there.

  6. Gamora seems out of place, as you probably wont want to Lockjaw her out (as most people don't contest a Lockjaw lane until maybe the end). Cap Marvel, Hobgoblin, or maybe White Tiger might be better (considering the Odin).

  7. I think a Zero might be pretty good. If we change a couple cards:

  8. Alright, i’ll keep a look-out for zero when he pops up in my token shop or when i get him through c.leveling.

  9. Red Skull goes with Zero, basically. I see Spider-Woman as a bit too "let's over-commit to one lane" syndrome, but I don't have experience with a Hazmat deck. Maybe she's necessary to win your Wong lane?

  10. Japan doesn't need more people. It's a tiny fucking island. Goddamn neoliberals obsessed with birth rates.

  11. My brother in christ it's not a basic more people good logic, their working population is going to decrease rapidly after a while and less working people = less people to sustain the existing industries it also means not so many people to look after relatively huge senior population.

  12. It's a new tier of variant, Ultimate Variant, and only shows up in the token shop, and is super duper rare.

  13. Oh wow... now all of a sudden I feel like I should pull the trigger lol.

  14. Valkyrie. Can't justify the 6k tokens... so sadly she's gonna head back into the abyss.

  15. Mine was Valkyrie. And it's cool that I got lucky with a P5 card... but it's not like I'll be running Cer3bro anytime soon, and blowing all 6k credits right off the bat seems crazy.

  16. In an effort to prove that he loves black people, Destiny gifted it to Jesse Lee Peterson.

  17. Hello fellas! I have so many hours into DF, and will certainly be getting the new version. Thanks for the constant work on this masterpiece.

  18. I have a similar deck with Mojo, Mysterio, and Polaris. Also, because of discard, I use Strong Guy over Wolfsbane.

  19. Aren't you the one who upgraded this card? What's the complaint here?

  20. That it’s literally the same thing?…. Or almost. I was hoping for the gold background. Aren’t they all random?

  21. Guess the only option is to uninstall then? Game didn't give you what you wanted, right?

  22. Can someone explain to me this entire deal? Long story short, we only must ensure we hit CL1000 when the next update rolls around, right?

  23. If you save credits, and upgrade after the patch, all earned caches will have a chance at the new cards.

  24. Thanks. But there is a get-around which is turn off auto update and only update after hitting CL1000 right?

  25. I'm infinite, and I'll happily donate 8 cubes to people who are climbing. Here's how it generally goes: person has regular card back? Indicates they probably aren't infinite. Say hello, and they respond? They aren't a bot. I'll say "Snap?" after 3-4 turns of not doing anything. If they snap, I snap, and they win 8 cubes. Sometimes they get cold feet and either retreat, or won't snap, but it generally works out for most.

  26. Baron Mordo should read: Opponent draws a card. It must be played next turn, and costs all of opponent's energy.

  27. Very interesting construction. Would you say that Taskmaster is integral? Or could you see possible replacements for him, if he's my only missing card to this deck?

  28. Happened to me much earlier in the season. Went from 69 to 50... nearly 20 ranks. Then, three things happened: I started trying to play better and improve, I kept unlocking cards and got lucky there, and I started being able to identify bots more. Managed to climb again, and am now infinite rank.

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