1. Yes, or pre authorized payment from account. No way to go over is correct. And it would be easiest to use a laptop on the website.

  2. Do you know if 40$ for 15GB allows to add friend referral code too?

  3. Where do you guys find 40$ for 15GB? I can only see 40$ for 5GB on their website.

  4. There are few things I'm most proud when it comes to my Shakepay account but finishing 4th in the recent Shakepay Earn waitlist definitely takes the cake.

  5. Im right ahead of you at #3 with 20564 points. 😁

  6. Haha nice. I was amazed that I was in 3rd for Wednesday evening for a few hours, then slid back to 4 and 5

  7. Yeah, there was a day or two where I wasn't inviting people regularly so slipped behind into #4. Then I got an accept and it propelled me back into #3. Been pretty consistent since. Domi is on Discord. He's in #2, but he doesn't wanna say how many points he has. 🤣 I never got into #2 and Domi never got into #1.

  8. Contest for best Shakepay photo. Does not to have to be themed, just anything Shakepay related.

  9. Contest for best lyrics for a Shakepay song.

  10. Partnering up with someone like Trezor and having Trezor wallet giveaway contest for best video explaining how to take custody of your crypto.

  11. I've known about Bitcoin since the it's beginning, but didn't understand and ignored it until two years ago when I looked for ways to earn yield. Found some educational videos on youtube and delved in.

  12. Sent you an invite kiraw

  13. Same here. Both stopped earning and show offline in Hotspotty. Let me know if you find out what's happening

  14. Our shakesquad name is "EARTHSHAKERS"

  15. I noticed that my relayed Bobcat continues to make less HNT after the update.

  16. Please use the following link and we will both get $20.00 when purchasing a tax plan.

  17. Just used yours! Leaving mine for the next too:

  18. Leaving mine for the next person:

  19. Still no clue what to do :D I was planning on doing some work this weekend to see if I can figure it out.

  20. Yes,I was thinking about something else (like interest on deposit , celsius)

  21. I'll call CRA on of these days to ask for clarification. Thank mate.

  22. Question: If I already have 700 hi locked in earnings already, does that mean I'm good to go for rewards?

  23. That’s a good question because the cash back traditional credit cards don’t charge tax. But you are also getting an asset as rewards, not fiat, so maybe it is taxable. I’m going to report it as “zero cost basis”, so tax if I sell, not when I earn,until I learn otherwise.

  24. How do you report as 0 cost basis in Koinly?

  25. You can tag it as a “reward” and in the settings you can chose to treat rewards as zero cost or income.

  26. Wouldnt that tag shakingsats, referral rewards and cashback all as 0 cost basis which is not the case. I have 10 referrals on Celsius which was paid in BTC that would also be affected ...

  27. I saw Quadrigua, QuickBT I didn’t see listed but you can still upload data from exchanges not listed, either through a CSV or your blockchain wallet address even. For a couple non custodial wallets I have I just add in my wallet address and it syncs everything good.

  28. Do you know if this would work for my freebitco.in bitcoin wallet address? Where does one find the option to add a wallet address?

  29. Turn it off, don't update on the app no need as of yet if you update the app with the information you pay $10 and might not mine for 8 days +

  30. Is this still the case? I want to replace mine, should I update in the app after replacement?

  31. wait so this problem was not-so-resolved by tell you to leave cibc by taking out 2k?

  32. I don't understand your question.

  33. sorry. the last sentence of your post. they told you to take out 2k?

  34. No, they blocked my transfer, had to call to verify the transfer and they tried to dissuade me from transferring.

  35. If you have special skills and are able to sell yourself you should be able to up it a bit. This life is all about advertising yourself.

  36. Messi reached his peak, last few seasons he's been good, but not great. He doesn't have the longevity in my opinion and looks tired.

  37. Doesnt have longevity? Homie has been the GOAT and played like one since he was 23. And you say he doesn't have longevity? Lol

  38. You are correct, let me rephrase. He looks bored on the pitch a lot of the time last 2 seasons and I don't think he has much juice left in him. Definitely won't be able to replicate prior successes. Lewa robbed two years in a row.

  39. Hey! Your hi Dollars are likely located in your rewards wallet and means that they are locked for a period of 365 days. Once 1 year has passed they will gradually be released into your flexible wallet from which you will be able to transfer out or stake.

  40. Create an account and claim free hi Dollars every day. Current value of 1 hi is 1.37$ USD.

  41. Yes, they are legit. They will also be releasing hi Dollar credit card, crypto and fiat swaps with the help of their new blockchain but this is long way down the road. Everyone should create an account and claim free hi Dollars every day. Current value of 1 hi is 1.37$ USD. They will be issuing these free tokens for four years. More people you invite more you earn too ...

  42. Look out for Celcius credit card, should be out shortly. Also, there's a new project called hi Dollars that aims to introduce credit cards in the future and I assume that benefits will depend on the amount of hi tokens that you stake. They have a token similar to Crypto.com's so there's an opportunity to get in early. They're distributing tokens to members at the moment and you can claim daily rewards by logging in and answring a question through whatsapp. These tokens are worth USD$0.95 at the moment. If you want to check it out use the invite link below as you have to be invited at the moment. You can create an account via web app, whatsapp or telegram.

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