1. Build her a legacy piece that she can give to her daughter/son someday. I know that’s not exactly what you’re looking for in a suggestion but I think it’s not about the design but more the workmanship and the fact that you made it for her. When she’s older she’ll appreciate at it more and more and one day when you’re gone she’ll cherish it and pass it on to her own family.

  2. Agreed. And honestly brother, if you cook it right and it tastes good that’s what matters, not to price tag of the cut.

  3. Low voltage cable, no fire hazard. You could use a tone generator and probe to find the wires at the respective distribution block or switch and disconnect them but really not necessary.

  4. Brother, the child will change you for the better. My daughter is a light Ive never experienced. I was scared/anxious/every emotion you can imagine leading up to her birth, when she finally was here she looked right through my soul and made me realize my only purpose from now til the day I die is to make sure she is ready for this world without me. I fucking loathe people, hell on earth is other people for me. This little human has awakened a patience in me that NO ONE gets. She can scream and cry and all I want to do is make her world better. Its something you’ll come to understand. I highly HIGHLY recommend you find out your states paternity leave benefits and use ALL OF THEM. Where I am I get 12 weeks, I used 2 initially when she was born and am currently in the thick of the other ten as her sole care provider and I am actively trying to figure out how I can become overnight wealthy so I don’t have to spend a single second away from her again. Did I want a child when I found out she was coming? Not really. Do I miss the lack of responsibility? Absolutely, but my daughter is one of the best thing that has ever happened to me. When you see that smile that only you can bring to your child face you will fucking melt into a puddle of goo that just means none of the other bullshit in this world matters anymore.

  5. If you can, take some time from work and make yourself the primary caregiver. I split my paternity leave so when my wife went back to work I’d be home with our little lady for ten weeks. We’re in week two and it’s already so different. She trusts me, she connects with me, she finds comfort in me. Mama is still her favorite I think but we’ve got our own special bond that you can really only nurture when you’re the one with them through the days feedings, diapers, meltdowns, smiles etc. good luck brother

  6. If you can find it Montauk Ocean Series Imperial IPA is one of the best beers I’ve ever drank. Not super bitter like a typical IPA, and it’s 9% so a sixer will get him nice for a football game

  7. I’m raising my little lady to someday be the first ever three division women’s ufc world champion. Confident, strong, fearless. That’s my hope anyway she’s only 4 months old.

  8. Not exactly new, but the 1812 overture has cannons. Kids love cannons.

  9. It’s been an odd year for metal for me where major releases have felt mediocre and off the beaten path new finds are resonating with me.

  10. Lorna shores took me by surprise for sure. Almost reminds me of like a cross of dethklok and old Opeth both I still really enjoy.

  11. Bout to be out on 10 weeks paid leave with my 3 month old. So I couldn’t be better

  12. Savor every last minute you get with your mower, the lawn and other outdoor chores. The first few weeks are both brutal and rewarding. I Saturday morning would roll around, I’d mow, down a few beers, wash and wax the truck, down a few more beers, life was easy. Now with the little one, we’ll she comes before everything else, as she should, but man I miss the mow

  13. The traffic, the NIMBY culture, the MAGAtts, the cost, it’s hell on earth. Proceed to downvote.

  14. It's so interesting to me that kids have totally different bodily functions at different times of the day.

  15. I agree. Our daughter has like three mode right now, sleep, hungry/gassy and curious. I’m fortunate enough to be home with my wife and daughter for these first few weeks of her life and it’s been invaluable. I’ve learned tons about her habits, her needs and it going to pay off when my wife goes back to work and I take the rest of my family leave. I’m by no means an expert but no one is when they start a family. Everyone’s got advice, most of it I don’t take just based on how I’ve seen the children of the people offering it. These two guys that told me about Mylacon, I trust them.

  16. The range of advice! My gosh. Polar opposites at times!! Yes. I'm taking my 8 weeks off. I can technically do more, but want to save the others for the holidays.

  17. Yea everybody knows best when you’re not even asking it seems. Again my method is if they’ve raised wild animals, it doesn’t even make it in one ear to go out the other. But the other side is I had a shitty home life as a child so my blueprint of what not to do came from life experience. My goal is to not be my own father in any way shape or form. Because of that I hold myself to an impossibly high standard even when my wife and the rest of our family doesn’t. Almost to a fault. I constantly worry that I’m gonna slip and fuck it up. It’s draining but it’s how I keep myself in line and know I’m going to give my all to my marriage, my wife as our daughters mother and my daughter as her father. What’s funny is our daughter was 2 weeks early, I had her due date as D-Day in my mind. I had things I needed to do, experiences I wanted to have, friends to see, gatherings, etc, we got a lot of them in, but her coming early actually was one of the best thing that could happen because it helped me to see that no amount of planning and preparation is going to matter. Shit changes in an instant and in my eyes, that’s what parenting is about, adapting and overcoming the next challenge. Embracing the suck, and just taking in these little creatures for everything that they are. Their honesty. Their dependence. It’s an experience unlike any other.

  18. Look into getting a pack of windi gas relief that will help as well. The first four months are the hardest it’s kinda funny the album that put my kiddos to bed when they where babies was undertow by tool. Walk by Pantera was another one of there favorites. We always used to joke saying “music to soothe the savage beasts” but the heavy music was the only thing that worked for them. I have four kids under six I still remember the no sleep times and feeling like the days and months bleed together but I wouldn’t change it for the world. And as she gets older your going to have more fun playing with legos or taking her fishing it only gets better from here.

  19. Thank you brother. She’s worth every minute. Both my ladies are my everything.

  20. This reads like an ad-piece for Mylacon. In any case, congratulations on the kid

  21. The fact your elephant doesn't have any creases is impressive in itself.

  22. A few suggestions. Stack a few pads so you can pull the soiled ones out during poopsplosions and still have coverage. Putting just one down is asking for trouble.

  23. Decided against the diaper genie and went with some other airtight vessel with the intention of emptying regularly

  24. All parents are different and have their own houserules that you have to respect even tho they might sound dumb to you or you see them different. Seems like you crossed a line without ecen knowing it in advance. It is a good idea to try making it up with the dad. I would suggest go there in a humbly manner and ask for a conversation with the dad from man to man. Then you can appologize for disrespecting his houserules and ask him how to make up for your mistake. Also you could tell him your intrntions with his daughter on the long run if you have serious interest in your gerlfriend for the long run. Be polite, be humble and be respectfull. Best of luck.

  25. My wife’s parents are old school conservative type and I am very much not, before we moved in together there was a sit down to talk about my intentions. It felt like the 1400s to me but it made them feel better about something that was not the norm to them.

  26. My 4 year old loves Metallica, Spiritbox, and Unleash The Archers. She’s been listening to metal since the womb.

  27. Iwrestledabearonce > spiritbox. Just sayin. Courtney has some pipes but her best work was with bear for sure, and the original singer in bear was arguably even better than her.

  28. My little one has been listening to the Dillinger escape plan, meshuggah, Superjoint ritual, pantera, and of course Tool and Puscifer since the womb. I’ve been slowly working that back since she been home but the lullaby’s have been a nice break for mama who’s not at all a metal head like me

  29. I’m about to join you (next couple of weeks)! Any advice about the birth?

  30. Be involved, help your wife/girlfriend/child’s mother as much as possible. If she plans to and can breastfeed, it can, doesn’t always but can take some time before the baby latches, before she’s producing enough, if your baby’s anything like mine it will sleep for like 20 hours for a couple days afterwards, this was kinda scary cause she lost quite a bit of weight, we’d do everything we could to wake her and she would just fall back asleep. Have patience if your partner is getting discouraged, understand mom needs a lot of things and one of those things might be you acting as a cheerleader. If you’re fortunate enough to have an extended period of time with your newborn, be present, send mom/partner to sleep while you handle the baby, while they both sleep, clean the house up, go to the pharmacy and get moms meds, get that laundry going, get to the grocery store and health willing get her whatever food she’s been craving, a cold cut sandwich, a medium rare burger, a runny egg…. My best advice is if mom is your wife, love her more that you did the day you got married and make sure she feels that shit all over. Labor and birth is a fucking wild ride and mom deserves some time in the spotlight afterwards.

  31. Try Twins in bayshore. If they don’t they will honestly point you in the direction of a trustworthy doc that does but I think they treat all animals

  32. Such a pleasant guy. I wish he would do more full sized car projects, but he has his channel down to an art.

  33. I’ve learned a lot from him when it comes to small engines. Yea cool fella

  34. If you knew these guys, you would understand …😂😂

  35. Rocco Colucci is a wannabe wise guy. And last time I interacted with him a pretty heavy pill head. You may remember years ago a man was arrested in syosset for discharging his rifle around thanksgiving, that was him.

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