1. "K" should be literally the only response. What's that translate to in Russian?

  2. If you can't get someone to trade for a Branded Despia core, I have one for sale.

  3. I'm also open to buying one

  4. Hello! I have a branded despia core with just without aluber. What’s the value of the lab stuff?

  5. MMA? Where’s is the mix? It looks like kickboxing to me? All martial and no art?

  6. Don't know if he needed to break out anything else lol

  7. The video or the actual craft? Cause I can't tell what she's trying to craft lol

  8. Value of branded despia?

  9. I'll take the branded core if still available

  10. In my last post I have full branded despia core with ultis

  11. I'd be interested in the deck without the ultis

  12. I don’t know if you ever confirmed for a mikanko core, I have mine in the mail now if interested still

  13. How much are you looking for it?

  14. I have mikanko libromancer. I also have stuff like magician’s souls and illusion of chaos if you need that

  15. How much are you looking for?

  16. Republicans hate weed, and are ok with kids dying.

  17. Only after they're born though!

  18. Looking for Labrynth Core at 80%

  19. How much for the marincess core?

  20. hm for the branded core? Woulx you be interested in trading for a Mikanko Libro core?

  21. If you're selling I'm interested in that mikanko core

  22. https://giphy.com/gifs/443jI3kpgOKfAfKxqo

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