1. I really thought he meant your girlfriend could make a better sandwich, but I guess I was wrong

  2. Well 1st reason is cause you failed the states test. So there is literally proof that you sold to minor. QuikTrip can get fined for this or even lose their license to sell beer. Second you quit without 2 weeks notice, I have seen people come back from that but your first offense was very serious

  3. I bet they hate going to Target after their shift

  4. I pick hand me when I order to my work, I work at a gas station and am always worried if I pick leave it at the door someone will actually leave it by the front doors

  5. The silver thing on wheels? We don't have it in my store we have a broken cooler that we can't use

  6. I think we would prefer you remove items rather than add on a bunch that wouldn't fit into a taco shell or tortilla without it cracking or tearing. I personally don't mind, especially since most of the additions are color coded in my restaurant. Red for removed, yellow for easy and green adds on.

  7. This I work fast food also and taking stuff off is easy but when someone orders +++++ and you can’t even close or wrap the thing it’s annoying

  8. The password and the WiFi address is written, well at least at most stores, in the box that houses it in the back room. But most of the time your phone will be faster than QT WiFi

  9. The 12am Food Stamp crowd. Lemme sit this riggghhhttt here, as I go grab mo stuff.

  10. I’ve spent 3 years in Carrollton has a great community vibe and I made tons of friends and like people said has a great Asian/ Korean food shopping area. Moved to Plano last year I love that I basically live within walking distance of everything I need but a little more snooty that Carrollton

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