1. Dude, in one year bed bath and beyond will still exist. Quote me - good luck in your beliefs though

  2. Liquidation could take a while so you might be right on that one. Shareholders will get nothing.

  3. We will see. We live in a new world where facts that wouldve mattered 10 years ago no longer apply since the market has evolved to inverse itself whenever an obvious play is too obvious. Look at the pandemic, every single logical reason in the world pointed towards multiple bankruptcies, and they quite literally saved Gamestop. That actually happened. So- i say again- we will see

  4. Fuck off baggie. VM is truly a god and you should treat it with the utmost respect.

  5. I think we are at the point where this stops being funny. Is it possible to sink any lower?

  6. BCG provides a fantastic service to struggling companies. Unfortunately most of them are just too regarded.

  7. Naked shorting spoofing swaps list goes on , 70-90% everyday goes to darkpool insteed of lit exchange. Nobody cares it will rocket and the market will crash

  8. Yeah that must be it. Definitely not a giant turd of a company lighting every single dollar they have on fire.

  9. Very bullish. It means Microsoft will now be a cheaper acquisition target for GameStop.

  10. Why hasn’t GameStop acquired Microsoft already? They have 800 million in cash. 800 million!

  11. Weren't the apes screeching about over a billion in cash like a week ago? What happened to the other 400 million?

  12. besides shorting goes against the basic principle of investing. It's just strange no one else hasn't called it out for the blatant scam that it is lol but like I said if people do wish to lend their shares etc and they are real and they close positions regardless of gain/loss. they would be good lol but we all know the goal is to bankrupt the company and never close. thus, never creating a taxable event.

  13. kens tryna become treasury secretary.. only for the tax benefits, and you think these mfs pay tax ahahah

  14. You show lack of respect when you deflect from my questions. I've been forthcoming in answering yours. Answer mine above and you can have more.

  15. Allegedly the game is so unappealing it regularly has single-digit player counts at peak hours and apes need to coordinate to actually get a match running. So you might not be far off.

  16. I never understood the appeal of skins. Maybe it’s just me but I would vastly prefer new maps/items, or gameplay changes/rebalancing before any sort of cosmetic changes.

  17. it's not a normal short position, it's an uncovered short position and that's the problem.

  18. So let’s take a step back. If Citadel really had 65 billion in naked shorts why the fuck would they publicly declare such a position?

  19. Nobody said anything in this chat section about naked shorts, until you just did. Only uncovered, non closed, still short.

  20. I went on one of his livestreams once and asked him how he got started with GME. Says he began buying in Feb 21 and has been buying ever since. If he isn't in the red, I'd be stunned.

  21. He's always been level headed as long as GME is not involved (like many apes). He's made similar videos explaining how AMC is obviously not viable and APE is a desperate attempt to milk the shareholders some more.

  22. OP is a bag holder blaming the system for their poor choices. Who would have thought dumping money into a dying retail stock would ever be a bad idea?

  23. Oh please do this. Let the apes experience the greatness of web3 gaming first hand.

  24. This is so hard to watch. I don’t know how Bob Barker keeps it together. Expected some regarded number at the end though.

  25. I wonder how this guy is going to spin it when they announce bankruptcy...

  26. Capitalism is natures way of determining who is smart and who is poor.

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