1. Bojack is splotchy because he is a messy and self loathing person, while every else has a fully bathed and maintained coat/hair. Or because his design would be boring without it, who knows.

  2. I mean, Sarah Lynn and Diane are also messy self loathing people so it’s probably just the latter.

  3. I wouldn’t say he necessarily killeddd her? but assuming Herb didn’t crash into that peanut truck, I just assume he wouldn’t really be surprised but still disappointed and angry, yk?

  4. Killed definitely isn’t the right word. BoJack did enable Sarah Lynn on the bender that led to her death. But she was a grown adult who willingly participated and also escalated the situation several times. The 17 minutes definitely make BoJack a lot more responsible for her fate. But since a) we don’t know for certain if she would’ve lived b) her death was caused by factors beforehand that BoJack wasn’t responsible for and c) BoJack almost definitely thought she was dead at that point and believed he had no hope of saving her, I think it’s unfair to say that he killed her. He did certainly have a major influence on her death though and I don’t mean to excuse his actions with this. Herb would be furious with him regardless and I wouldn’t blame him.

  5. Ah yes, Daemon. My favorite morally grey character. Followed closely by Patrick Bateman, Stormfront, Griffith, and Emporer Palpatine. I loved when he murdered his completely innocent wife for self gain, it was so morally grey of him.

  6. Viserys is definitely not a good person, well meaning, maybe, but he literally neglected all his children not called Rhaenyra and imo Aegon would’ve become a much better person if Viserys had been a decent father figure

  7. Definitely. He barely even cared when Aemond lost an eye and his neglect of Aegon most likely played a large part in him becoming so jaded and apathetic. He’s also pretty mysogynistic. I mean pretty much everyone was at the time but when choosing to kill his wife to save their son, he never once asked for her opinion or even explained to her what was going on. He also basically just uses Alicent as emotional support and as someone to breed with. Which is pretty creepy considering she’s the same age as his daughter. I love the guy but he’s a terrible father and husband

  8. That’s not the point. You could argue about wether it was murder or not but that doesn’t change that Viserys didn’t even consider Aemma’s say in the entire matter. He could’ve asked or at least told her what he was going to do but he didn’t. In that moment she wasn’t a person to her but a baby dispenser.

  9. Under appreciated? My brother in Christ we have an entire bot dedicated to Bobby B that we constantly spam

  10. Yeah, I get that Leanor obviously wouldn’t want to do anything with her but they could’ve made sure to produce at least ONE kid whose legitimacy wouldn’t be questioned. It’s pretty ridiculous, not to mention pretty awful when she and Vizzy T punish and threaten others for stating the blatantly obvious. At least Joffrey, Myrcella, and Tommen were the same race as Bobby B (although Cersei lucked out with none of them being inbred).

  11. I don’t know, Griffith has not lost his entire life (mostly), pulled himself from the gutter and is basically a god king; he more than backs up his talk with what he’s been able to do

  12. TBF, Griffith got back up because satanic Gods basically gave him an easy option to become one of the most powerful beings in the universe. His accomplishments are vast but it’s kind of completely unfair since he’s able to manipulate the world around him to get what he wants.

  13. Wonder if that’s gonna become a trend. Like, narcissistic characters who feel entitled to everything just masturbating publicly off of a rooftop.

  14. Alt right edgelords when they realized that “redpilled” is not about having their mind opened to there own dumbass ideologies but instead an allegory for deciding to become trans in a film made by two trans women.

  15. Redditors when a work has more than 1 theme (Conceptually impossible in their mind)

  16. Never said it was the only theme of the red pill, there are several others. But I guarantee you most of the alt right people who called things “red pilled” are not supportive of trans people

  17. I love how Jaime and Tyrion both contemplated having sex with Catleyn when they were her prisoner. I wonder if Cersei would do the same.

  18. That isn’t even a joke. They remove things that aren’t even memes because they’re funny

  19. Two of the most important characters in the whole series, and their deaths were the RPG joke of 'Rocks fall, everyone dies.'

  20. What’s more absurd about it is Cersei was the person who most triggered Dany’s ludicrous villain “arc”. Yet Dany didn’t even directly kill her. She attacked random civilians and around the red keep but never bothered actually hitting her where she was staying almost the entire time. Cersei died because of collateral that she probably could’ve avoided and if things played out a little differently Dany would’ve failed at killing the one person in king’s landing she wanted dead the most. I get they needed Cersei and Jaime’s bodies mostly intact for Tyrion to mourn them, that scene was great. But it makes Dany look downright idiotic. Even if her being evil made sense, she should be going after Cersei first and making sure she dies.

  21. Jaime really fucked one woman that wasn’t his sister and immediately went back to her. Like, literally did anything happen in between Brienne fucking Jaime and Jaime leaving to die with his manipulative sister? Was the stupid Bronn scene in between that or was Brienne just a one lick chick?

  22. I just want him to send this meme video he made without the text above so I can make memes out of it but he’s ignored my message for like 5 days at this point

  23. Aegon “If the Gods deemed incest wrong why did they make my sisters so fucking hot” Targeryan the Conqueror

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