1. The last product I purchased was a Luster pod. Nice light colored oil but after about three weeks because I don’t use these every day and it turned black and I threw it away.

  2. I think it was $25. Maybe it wasn’t too hard of a job I believe I found some videos online that showed how to replace it.

  3. Mine was cooling hose adapter. Had puddle under right front. Factory part is plastic, found aluminum one and replaced.

  4. Strawberry milkshake is very stoney . Leaves me relaxed and happy. Good flavor no cough. I was pretty happy with the purchase.

  5. For me going from stock to stage one was a huge difference and also going from stage one to stage two was a big difference. I used Unitronic stage two and the DSG tune, and I could not be happier with the car.

  6. I bought a disposable that did not work at all. The dispensary would do nothing because I had left even though you’re not allowed to test them there. I sent a letter to the company who happened to be in California. Received $40 cash about three weeks later, a few dollars more than I paid for it.

  7. I don’t let any tire place touch my car An unnamed establishment once did a tire rotation on my gti and they didn’t place the arms of the lift correctly and bent my floor behind the driver seat up. I noticed it when the seat wouldn’t go back slide back for seat adjustment. And of course I didn’t notice until I had already left I take my wheels off now and take them to a tire place as loose wheels, and do everything else myself.

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