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  1. No Tolls!!! We already pay taxes for roads. That's just double taxation. Maybe NC could manage its budget better. It's got plenty of money. And pay your teachers.

  2. ya it's bullshit, how do these people represent us? It is so fucking stupid how they think anyone they represent would be in favor of shit like this. They're just appeasing the donors, fuck this shit.

  3. eh, depends on the people, if its something you guys enjoy go for it, if not, don't

  4. Ya I watched him fight a few times back in the day, dude WAS an animal. He had that killer attitude, nobody could touch him. I mean he did bite a dudes ear off, dude was a killer.

  5. $30 Million coming from tax payers, but also practically giving them a 265 acre plot of land owned by the city, and then there is the future terrorizing of a lower income mostly black neighborhood.

  6. Why does a private company get tax payer money?

  7. Why didn't he just name drop them on the documentary?

  8. i honestly don't se how you can enjoy a dishwashing job lol, the 2 restaurants I worked at, that job looks like hell, fuck that shit for that pay

  9. while i applaud her ambition, probably shoulda sat this one out, can't be good for the knee, especially later in life when she needs a knee replacement

  10. i believe its a bridge with cars going underneath so she would jump and get killed by a car if the fall didn't kill her

  11. The thing that gets me about this one is he posted it himself thinking that everyone will be in agreement with his behavior.

  12. I don't understand the problem though, like why is he so against pulling forward? Either way you still get your shit brought to you and you don't even have to get out of your car. Just senseless...

  13. Should be titled “Walking through fields simulator”. Its funny how the one main criticism of 3d Zelda , which was the emptiness of Hyrule field (the ocean in WW, sky in SS etc.), is what they overdid the most with Botw.

  14. ya something about it felt empty and souless compared to the n64 games, idk I just thought botw was aight

  15. I’m getting downvoted but you and one other guy both said it: if it wasnt a Zelda game it would be acceptable. The problem is it doesnt feel like Zelda. It has more of the identity of a modern open world game, which is fine, but its missing so much of what made Zelda unique even in a modern gaming landscape.

  16. ya I think that's what did it for me, it kind of seemed like a generic modern open world game, and the main four "dungeons" or animal robots or whatever they were called all felt pretty soulless and empty to me

  17. https://sports.yahoo.com/rapper-flo-rida-wins-82-054938125.html

  18. i guess but i just don't get it, i googled Flo Rida 82 million lawsuit and it was first result...

  19. Yeah, I’m circumcised and think it’s really fucking weird that people do it to unconsenting babies. The problem is that whenever it’s brought up, many people who were circumcised take it as a bit of a personal attack and argue in favor of circumcision. Realistically though, apart from specific medical cases, it has no purpose except to remove sensitivity in the penis, and was originally popularized in order to stop masturbation. On one hand, I don’t think about being circumcised that much, but that also doesn’t mean it’s an ethical thing to do.

  20. preach, i'm uncut but I don't get why people are so against uncut but it is weird they are clipping baby penises for sure. Like I don't even have to use lube brah, its pretty kewl

  21. If you can tell me a legit difference between female genital mutilation and this I'd like to hear it. Yet it's some religious shit... like what

  22. no need to let meat get to room temp. It takes hours and the meat would spoiling by the time it did reach room temp. In fact a steak can be cooked straight from frozen with no issue.

  23. wait what? this is extremely wrong, you can not do this, do not do this

  24. https://www.americastestkitchen.com/cooksillustrated/how_tos/8741-the-science-of-cooking-frozen-steaks

  25. i guess if you want to bake your steaks... idk cooking straight up frozen steaks is weird and you can just put them in the fridge to thaw if you are that scared of contaminates. Either way, I'm not baking a steak and will just thaw and pan sear or grill.

  26. Good question. Not many candidates among the things I cook. Some spicy Indian dishes have little to no salt.

  27. Funny how gas prices shot up to almost $4/gal, there was big outcry about price gouging, prices shot back down to well below $3, and now they're right back where they were and nobody is saying a goddamn thing.

  28. they aren't back to where they were in my part of the country, NC

  29. They can have an interview over my gourmet cultivation any day 🤦‍♂️

  30. Ah I just assumed they were all the magic variety

  31. damn nice, idk though, I wouldn't post this online lol, fuck that

  32. cause then I have to read a whole other book dude, I know most of the rules for this shit, not gonna bother doing all that learning when 5e is perfectly fine for my group. I don't need to really buy anything else from wotc to play.

  33. ya this is how I feel too but it is so fucking frustrating that we won't do the opposite like maybe NOT fucking lining their pockets or ACTUALLY using funds to improve our own shit....

  34. Ehhhh with all the school shootings and shit this needs to be taken seriously, fireworks sound quite similar to fireworks and the kids all probably thought it was a school shooting, especially when they are hearing explosions.

  35. “I bet you 10 dollars I know where you got your shoes!”

  36. fuck i went there for a conference, so many people tried to pull that shit, I basically ignored the people doing it and had to look up the scam later cause I didn't know what they were doing but knew it was a scam lol

  37. my suggestion would be to quit, find something else to do, dota isn't that great. I have thousands of hours, i wish i spent it doing something else.

  38. i've heard stories from someone I know that was a paramedic that had a similar story. Crash at night, car wreck, persons no where in sight, they searched for hours, dude was on the roof. Shit is crazy, wear your seat belts homies.

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