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  1. Live? When streaming to tons of people? They don’t usually have to blur things that fast so there isn’t a lot of buffer time for them to blur it quickly. Plus i’m sure they didn’t realize what was happening at first.

  2. Some missions require you to hit the horse because that’s how you get them to run away

  3. Nice! Way too much camera shake though, it looks very unnatural.

  4. What if at work your boss just passed by your desk and sees you looking at something with two girls bent over with their asses clearly visible. I think that’s definitely Not Safe For Work (NSFW)

  5. Favorite feel good food is probably burritos, you can almost never go wrong with them. :)

  6. I feel like this was made in adobe dimension using the basic can with water droplets prefab

  7. I mean phones are valuable… if it was a very expensive sheet of something that fell into the puddle you would do the same thing

  8. Sim and tracking look great! Maybe you could use sounds that are very similar like this one I

  9. Any idea where I can find this ?

  10. I'll have to side with you on this one. It feels weird that the camera would reactively pan up to follow the bucket, but then stop abruptly without filming the apex of its flight arc. Then we see it reappear to the frame on the way down. Just seems like it was made for easier editing.

  11. Maybe because it’s a phone and it would be difficult for the person filming (who is clearly resting his phone on the window sill), to see if they caught the object on the phone screen while tilting it down. They probably tilted it as much as they could while still being able to see the screen.

  12. They are taking their time as they don’t want to rush it out like other games

  13. How? I have a Samsung 980 pro for my boot drive but it takes around 30 seconds. I know the different isn’t that much but still I thought an nvme drive would be way faster

  14. I mean the US has the biggest economy and most advanced army EVER. Say what you want about the US but they are easily the most powerful country ever in terms of power and influence. So how is he wrong?

  15. The post is saying in history, but you can’t compare the differences in technological advancements over time periods because many countries could defeat the British empire since they have nukes. Sure the US has a lot of influence in todays world, but compared to the power that the Roman and British empire held? Not as much.

  16. That’s not the point of their argument, they is saying that many countries nowadays could beat the British Empire just due to the sheer amount of technological advancement, even though they don’t hold the same amount of power as they did. You just can’t compare them together.

  17. I did that awhile ago on the actual H1 game, but unfortunately the progress does not sync across to H2 and H3 :(

  18. Looks really clean but unfortunately that’s in R5 so the outside bit isn’t there in the main game. Still a good clip

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