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  1. You're so lucky to have such a lovely twin sister to play with you! Just like palom and porom!

  2. Did she give you your favorite meal and ask you to scoot up to bed? I love this

  3. My favorite is when I decide "ok sure, I'll try" at the start of the mission and they flee before I even remotely have a chance of making it to their location

  4. And even if you succeed in that, then there's the worry about not getting enough KO's for an A rank

  5. MAN. The amount of times I assumed it was a 1200 KO mission and ends up being a 1600 KO one and only got like 1578.

  6. Lol I've never seen the "also compatible on the 2DS" sticker before. Is this a pal region thing?

  7. Lol literally like 10 minutes ago I was trying for a second time to complete Ravio's level 4 weapon mission.

  8. It's at that point where you think "I need to do a Wind Waker map to relax, holy shiiii--". Been there, friend.

  9. haha yeah. One of the few times I've experienced nail biting for an A rank in DE, though. It's balanced SO much better than the original wii u release. Just got all the level 4 weapons. I was confused and thought that would let me start chipping away at the master sword second skill, sooooo here I come 4+s!

  10. You might like Resonance of Fate. The characters use guns the way Linkle uses the crossbows.

  11. Seconded. The game has a pretty steep learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, it's one of the most unique and thrilling battle systems. It's turn based, but you find yourself going as quickly as possible to pull off hero actions and hear the battle music ramp up and keep it there lol

  12. I guess I fuck up massively then, I have trouble playing with Volga as I take a lot of hits 😅

  13. lol C1, dodge cancel, repeat until guy dead. C5 is a fantastic area attack, and hes invulnerable during most of the animation.

  14. Thank you, now let me translate it with french controls 😂

  15. Volga is so much fun to play once you get the hang of him. I recently got a 750 power weapon and my boy has been absolutely WRECKING.

  16. idk I haven't spent a dime on this game and have played it every day and they seem fine

  17. Playing hot potato with the targeting system trying to lock onto the right enemy 😂

  18. Half the time I just give up and go "FINE" and kill that one first instead

  19. I didn't know that! that's great. I personally watch this episode at least two or three times a month lol. I will never get tired of it.

  20. If you have a computer primehacks is the way to go!

  21. Zant. He's probably one of the bigger examples of having a necessary gimmick. Once I found out how to actually make use of his gauge he became one of my more useful characters.

  22. Yeah, once you figure out how to not get greedy and make him dizzy with his combos, it's so much fun

  23. Ghirahim, his mechanic didn't seem worth it at first and him posing after moves was fun but got me hit over and over. Eventually I figured him out and started dodge cancelling things and he became one of my favorites.

  24. that one combo where he raises the entire floor is such a great area move. I just picked up definitive edition and got his great sea outfit, oh my GOD I love purple

  25. ofc we all know north america almost never gets cool things from nintendo. remember club nintendo?

  26. The only cool thing I got was a golden nunchuk to match my gold zelda wiimote+

  27. I got hanafuda cards, a majoras mask tote bag, a two disc smash 4 soundtrack. I used to get cool stuff on there in NA.

  28. Heh, yeah, I got the hanafuda cards, too, I forgot about those. Also the zelda 3ds pouch, and 3 of the 3ds multi cart game cases. My whole ds/3ds collection in 3 cases, very cool space saver. There was a handful of neat stuff

  29. WHAT I've had the nes mini for over a year and just found out about this. I just ran to my living room and plugged it into my wii remote. This is gonna be fun to mess around with

  30. I was gonna get the mobile version of the game until I read the reviews and they said there was no cloud saving so you can't transfer your save data between phones.

  31. ?? I still have my saves from when it first came out from my iPod Touch on my current iPhone

  32. Me too! I don't remember the robot master I'veBeenStuckHereForAnHourMan at all

  33. Because, to put it lightly the new team leaders do not have the greatest designs

  34. Looks like the Persona Q 3DS XL/LL models were released in North America (

  35. Yeah, I do remember this model coming out in America. As I recall, it was released just shortly before the release of the New 3DS XL, so I passed up on getting this model and got a New 3DS XL instead. I know for sure I played through all of Persona Q on that

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