1. I've seen people cosplaying in a cinema. But it was an anime movie. I would assume you get some weird looks in other types of movies but that's it.

  2. Hi, would you rate this sentence as grammatically correct?

  3. Yes, it would be grammatically correct. But note that "bands" should be "Bands" in German. "Bänder" only means ribbons. So it should be: "Mein Favorit unter den deutschen Bands ist Rammstein"

  4. For music bands in most cases, the word Band is used. It is pronounced like in English and not like the German word "Band". It is a feminine noun. You can look it up in Duden:

  5. It’s more prevalent in the south:

  6. Laut der Haribo Seite sind die Geschmacksrichtungen "Ananas, Banane, Granatapfel, Mango-Mandarine, Passionsfrucht und Melone" also denke ich das grün Melone ist, aber tendenziell eher Honigmelone als Wassermelone

  7. He doesn't age because he always wears his hat, so it protects him from sun related skin aging. Also, he stopped smoking, which was the reason he looked so old at 17 ( also, he was constantly frowning at age 17, and he got a little bit more chill with age)

  8. You celebrate it by not eating meat. Some restaurants have special fish menus on that day.

  9. If your sunscreen is moisturizing enough, you can skip the moisturizer. If not, moisturizer goes before sunscreen.

  10. You can use this phrase for something that starts before midnight and ends after midnight or if you don't know if it was before or after midnight "In der Nacht zum Sonntag wurde bei mir eingebrochen" (you discovered it on sunday, but you don't know if the thieves came Saturday evening or Sunday morning) You can also use " in der Nacht von Samstag auf Sonntag"

  11. I use custom orthopedic insoles and have noticed a huge improvement in my skating (they are covered by health care where I live - I know they might be to expensive if you have to pay for them yourself)

  12. That's Jonathan's most famous pose. I would even say it is THE most well known Jojo pose!

  13. That sounds like you did very exhausting things in the hotel room. You could say something like "wir haben uns mit den Hotelkosten völlig verausgabt" but that's not very common

  14. Info: bist du für den Zeitungs-Minijob offiziell angemeldet oder nur dein Vater? Wenn nicht bist du bei einem Arbeitsunfall nicht versichert! Lieber einen eigenen Job suchen und deinen Eltern dafür mehr Miete zahlen

  15. I love the pokemon anime but "interesting story"? 🤔 most of the episodes don't even have a coherent plot

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