1. I literally just put a sticker thats large in the front of the binder saying not for trades

  2. Dark World doesn't really play cards that make the opponent discard anymore because they are really bad against a lot of decks (like Ishizu Tear). If you are going second I would recommend impactful handtraps (like the Bystials, Droll and lock bird or Dimension shifter) and going first you can additionaly play floodgates like D Fissure, Macrocosmos or Necrovalley.

  3. Pretty sure spellbook of fate can out em so yes

  4. Just waiting to see a steam deck on battle bots now

  5. Albaz especially if you're willing to grab a few extra low cost singles

  6. I have it, immediatly after finishing the game i went for it. It is indeed the fastest in the game. 0-100 in 2.2 and top speed over 400. But it as you know extraordinarily expensive

  7. Same i have an imf and then a huge 8 gal Jerry i strap on the back. Get close to 400 miles or so before i gotta fill

  8. I'd personally say all celebs and athletes are just regular people who were made to distract more normies

  9. I've seen jeeps last than 5 years old have rust issues. They have lots of rust issues. They make a good inline 6, and some of their cars are functionally fine, but I would never ever recommend someone buy a jeep for anything but a weekend car.

  10. Damn thats crazy. I've had my xj for about 10 years now and maybe have had to put a grand towards maintaining it over the years.

  11. For the most part, 90% or more of cars from almost any manufacturer are like that. You do the regular maintenance and it's dead reliable. Maybe a trim piece rattles or there's a paint defect but they're fine.

  12. Definitely makes sense to me i see what you're saying now

  13. I believe you. Confirmation bias is basically a buzzword now but some people actually have the worst/best luck

  14. Can confirm. Runescape Ironman mode has taught me this. Went super super dry on my drops and went 4000ish kills over average drop rate for a single item 😢

  15. You never played six samurai or d/d/d...

  16. Oh i have played six spamurai, but not d/d/d. Idk, but to me i would much rather have a long turn with someone actually playing the game vs having them lose to timeout.

  17. Yeah I agree we need another solution, Konami would just have to find a away to deal with the infinite loops available before we start adding time. It's completely possible to make a hostage deck thay never times out.

  18. This is a valid point and nefarious players will definitely build stuff to probably do that. Hmm yeah a solution for that would definitely need to be created

  19. 😂 I did this all the way to Thanksgiving dinner with my family. I came up with some crazy ones on that 2 hour drive.

  20. Sameeeseeeeeeeeeee LOL getting ready for round 2 with Christmas next 😂🎄

  21. At least Christmas will only be a 30 minute drive. With that said, my whole family is really religious and I am not. So I bet I can come up with some pretty good scenarios. 😟

  22. Heat was such a beast of a game. The mod scene was great, the base game was pretty good, they've addressed a bunch of complaints (except multiplayer). Overall, Heat will probably go down as one of the GOATs of the modern era of Need for Speed.

  23. Ahh yes. That goes in the square hole rightt

  24. Lol holy shit i just died laughing irl thank you for this 😂

  25. This lol. Theres litterally a dude on youtube who has been filming his crime sprees in NYC by getting chased by cops and speeding away.

  26. Bouncey balls in egg shapes are the future

  27. If i wasn't living in a snow state id be riding all year. Fortunately i have two cars and five bikes though

  28. If you recognise you won't get to lethal, you can set your monsters all to defense position, set up some more removal/interruptions, and then your opponent can't crash the disciple to get rid of it and are still locked - otherwise, if you have Tragedy in GY (or Springans Kitt), you can recover Expulsion and reset it to apply again next turn

  29. Holy shit the defense position is big brain i honestly didn't even think about that...

  30. Mm. I'm running one, and it's... fine? Aluber at +0 instead of +1, but can return from GY as well as searching from deck, occasionally putting a card from hand to deck is useful (it has once turned a Patchwork back online...), and is searchable off a Sprind send. Certainly one of the weaker cards in the deck but has some utility

  31. Yeah definitely could be a good tech in some cases.

  32. How long does it take to get this result?

  33. You can have the same results with an UV lamp, no?

  34. Oh probably yeah haha i should have added a /s :P

  35. If its anything like my college was then head over to the it department with your device. They had to manually add my mac address or something to allow my ps3 to work on their wifi

  36. No they had to make a new game for the afterlife

  37. you can play Vampire Survivors with only one hand, just saying why not multitask..

  38. They didn't call it the Sticky Deck for nothing

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